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Most Creative Advertising Agency Calender

Have you ever seen an exciting calendar displaying a product, and then you started to find out even intending to buy the product? That means you have seen one of the advertising agency calender. An advertising agency is an agency that only focuses on marketing, promotion, and advertising service activities. An advertising agency must think about the best strategy for marketing a product and attracting new customers.

Advertising Agency Calender Design Template

How It Is Works?

One method of advertising is to use a calendar. For ordinary people, there may be no difference between the promotional media leaflets and timetables. But the effects provided are far different. As an illustration, will you keep flyers from various companies that sell their products at home? Stack up and be rubbish. I am sure, and it will only last a few days or even a few hours ago, you will not throw it away. But the story is different when you save a calendar that contains product descriptions with a unique design. At least the schedule will be in your home for one year and will be seen by guests instead. That’s how advertising agency calendar works.

Sample Of Most Creative Advertising Agency Calender

To make an attractive calendar, especially for promotional purposes, you need to think out of the box. Also, adjust to the specific products you offer. There are many examples of advertising calendars, among others:

  1. Camera Calendar

What do you first think of when you hear the word calendar camera? Surely you are very curious right. There are many tools on the camera lens. It is what used to create a calendar design on the camera.

  1. Tear-Off Match Calendar

If you are a company that manufactures lighters, then you can choose products from the advertising agency calender. This calendar design is unique, where the schedule made of small paper arranged by date and at each end is the tip of a match. Of course, there is a spark when you want to use the matches.

  1. Car Tyre Calendar

One of the creative advertising agency calender PSD design ideas is for the automotive industry. For example, a car dealer who sells various types of tires. You can make a calendar of the motifs or classes of tires sold that month.

  1. Tamiya Calendar

Do you like collecting various types of Tamiya cars when you were young? Maybe this time, this type of car has been replaced with a new design that is more sophisticated and attractive. But don’t worry, because there is a Tamiya calendar. This calendar has a model where each number and letter can be removed and then arranged into several forms, such as planes, robots, and even Tamiya cars.

  1. 3M Earplugs Calendar

Calendars created with advertising agency calender design PSD, which is unique for promoting a product, for example, earplugs. This calendar made in 3D, where there are real ears and earplugs. You can create one ear for one month and one ear for each date. For its use, you only need to pair earplugs on each ear in the lunar line, and at certain times, it’s not unique.

If you want to think further, there are countless ways to create unique advertising agency calender to market your products.

Advertising Agency Calender Template Sample

Advertising Agency Calender Template Example

Advertising Agency Calender Design PSD

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