3+ Comic Book Cover Templates Design Ideas

Free and Amazing Comic Book Cover Templates

Designing the comic book cover is one of the comic creator’s tasks to manage. As a result, not only handling the story plots, characters, and background visualization, but the creator also needs to be able to understand the best comic book template to make it easier for the readers to enjoy the story.

Comic Book Cover Template Ideas

Notably, the comic book cover is one of the most important parts as it provides the first impression from the reader once they check out the cover. In other words, the comic book cover is one of the keys to attract the reader’s interest. Thus, to produce an attractive comic book cover, you need to be able to build up a perfect comic book cover template PSD and combine it with your unique arts.


Comic Book Cover Templates You Should Apply

Here are the best comic book cover PSD templates you should apply. Choose your best template design below and immediately use it for an amusing cover!

  1. Retro Comic Book Cover

Retro comic book cover template is one of the best as it is suitable for many kinds of the comic genre. The retro model provides you with unique yet inspiring designs and art styles. As a result, your comic book cover will turn into a one-of-a-kind cover that could attract many readers.

  1. Fun Comic Book Cover

It usually includes much more decoration arts to improve the joy and fun into your comic book. This kind of comic book cover is suitable for kids’ stories, superheroes, comedy comic books, and many more. By using this template, you may elaborate on your creativity in designing the best cover.

  1. Magazine Comic Book Cover

If you are interested in designing a magazine-like look comic book cover, and then, there are several things you should note. First, highlight the essential elements by providing the best picture of the character or the comic symbol. Then, add with some inspiring taglines that will immediately attract the reader’s attention.

  1. Action Comic Book Cover

For the action comic book cover template, you may try to emphasize the effect of the most powerful action scene on the cover page. This method can be one of the best ways to give an unforgettable impression. However, make sure you still left some clues for the readers to guess and read the rest of the story through the comic book.

  1. Superhero Comic Book Cover

A Superhero comic book is one of the most anticipated comic genres. Not only come up with a developing story, but you also need to be able to create a fantastic main superhero character to be on the front comic book cover. Add with eye-catching decorations and effects. Also, don’t forget to leave some spaces for the title.


Comic Book Cover Templates Sample 

Comic Book Cover Template Design

Those are the five creative comic book cover templates you may apply as the front cover of your comic book. Combine the tips and templates above with your art style and create an outstanding creation for your dream comic book cover!

Sample Comic Book Cover Templates




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