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Download Free Weekly Calendar Template for Your Project

As a businessman/businesswoman, we understand the value of planning which this is very essential to set your goals. Most importantly you set the business goal within a week, a month, and a year. But for the quickest progress which you need to analyze is the weekly goal so you will make a clear path for your business growth or other projects. Hence, a weekly calendar template is highly suggested.

What Are The Weekly Calendar Key Benefits?

There are a number of reasons why using the weekly calendar is very effective for your project progress that you can evaluate your performance the whole week. Here are some benefits you can obtain from this strategy:

The weekly calendar will reduce your stress because you already formulate and set goals you should reach in a week. This will make you have feasible action and help you concentrate more.

Planning is always good because you are prepared for the obstacles because you will never know some accidental problems appear during your progress. By making a weekly project and breaking down the actions you are already moving one step further.

You always can evaluate your progress the whole week including some actions required, some obstacles you face and other possible actions you can take.

How To Make Plan with Weekly Calender?

First thing first, you have to define your goals clearly. Set a clear and reasonable goal which allows you to reach it. This can help you prepare your success because you have targets.

As you have defined your goal, brainstorming is required and you need to break down the necessary task into a logical order, also you have to put estimated time so you will reach your goal.

Apart from the weekly schedule, the daily actions are required to reach your target. Then, you will review your performance through weekly calendar.

As we mentioned many times, evaluate your work constantly so you know whether you are on track or not. You may take some minutes in the middle of the day and get a conclusion.

Finally, as you understand your performance and do the evaluation, you can determine your work whether it is successful or not by illustrating the planning system.

Types of Weekly Calendar Template

There are many types of calendar you can use it for daily activity. There are several weekly time calendar you can choose.

Horizontal Weekly Format

The horizontal weekly calendar template is one of the most popular that is set in days from Monday to Sunday. You can add notes in the space.

The usage of this calendar is more preferred because it can be applied to any kind of industry. You can get this template on our website as well.

Vertical Weekly Format

This format also includes seven days and it is designed in column format.

Some people prefer the blank version because they can customize it as they need. Our site also provides the blank weekly template so you can add things you need on it. It is free!

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