Sales Operations Manager Job Description

Sales Operations Manager Job Description

Essential Pure is one of the pioneers in health and fitness industry. We are proud to say that we have more than 200 franchise spots all over Canada and the United States. We have decided to open a new branch in Nashville and we need a professional and dedicated Sales Operations Manager to join the team. The individual will be responsible for driving excellent service as well as boosting sales for our exclusive and luxury brand. If you like to reach out to others, encourage them to live healthily, and you want to have a more interaction with clients on day-to-day basis, we certainly want to meet you! We can start a meaningful and strong community with healthy goal in mind, for sure.

We need two professional managers who will be responsible for each establishment we have in Nashville. One will be responsible for the studio running and operation and the other one will manage the store and oversee the activities.  

Skills and Requirements

  • Have a good and positive confidence that can inspire others. The trait is crucial to train the sales rep while generating personal sales at the same time
  • Have impressive communication skills both in written and oral types. Being fluent in other language is an advantage
  • Have a good grammar and impressive writing skills
  • Have nice and pleasant personality that is shown through the interaction, which can be beneficial to affect and influence others
  • Have a past experience in sales and marketing for at least 3 years. It would be better if the experience covers fitness sales and such related field
  • Have a past experience in supervisory or management position
  • Have a proven track record or history of sales ability
  • Able to drive and manage different revenue streams which include retail and memberships
  • Have te ability to adapt in a diverse and fast-changing environment, while being able to excel under pressure
  • Able to organize and manage a team of people. The ability and also familiarity in data management, meeting deadlines, and prioritizing task is a plus
  • Proficient in basic computer programs. Any extra familiarity with other programs or software is an advantage

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Have the ability  to generate sales and create networking
  • Manage and deal with retail sales and membership
  • Create and implement different programs and schemes, such as process scheduling, sales processing, and such thing alike – especially in the introductory classes
  • Create, manage, and implement staff schedule
  • Review the evaluations concerning sales reps
  • Help in managing and hiring the staff – both in the store and the studio
  • Coordinate directly with vendors and also clients
  • Be able to interact with clients, including managing and coming with solutions for customers’ complaints, feedbacks, and inquiries

Salary and Compensation

The base rate is applicable with benefits and bonuses. Sales performance will determine the amount of bonuses. Benefits include the ability to join the classes and some discounts for product purchases.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and resume to: m before March 3rd 2018. The vacancy will be available for 2 weeks or until the perfect candidate is found.

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