Retail Assistant Manager Job Description

Retail Assistant Manager Job Description

If you have the passion in retail management and you like the idea that you will spend most of your time behind the scene, then we would want to talk to you. As a growing establishment in the natural product industry and sector, we are always expanding the business. Right now, we are thinking about opening up a new store in Soho area, New York, and we are looking for a professional to help with the store’s management and running.

The main responsibility for the Retail Assistant Manager is to support and help the lead manager while looking after the sales person or staffs at the same time. The retail assistant manager will cover for the lead manager when they aren’t around, acting on their behalf. Basically, the assistant retail manager should also maintain a good workflow in the store, making sure that all of the elements are working together and the store is running efficiently.  The main tasks include displaying products, purchasing supplies and products, training the staff according to the standard operation of the store, and delivering the perfect service for customers

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and make assessment of the competition by collecting information (quality, price, style, etc)
  • Train and mentor the store salesperson and staff by revising and also reviewing product orientation and also sales training materials
  • Deliver training sessions. It includes reviewing staff needs and results while implementing and developing new product training
  • Work together with the lead retail manager to create, maintain, and develop the best regulations, policies, and service for the customers
  • Be creative in anticipating the market interest, focusing on the buyers. It includes planning and buying inventories of the most popular (and likable) products as well as the potential emerging ones.
  • Negotiate orders and prices. It includes placing orders, verifying receipts, and checking supplies
  • Attract customers by coming up with creative ideas for the product display. Create display schedules or suggestions to keep the visual element fresh and updated. It includes creating merchandise displays that are applicable on the sales floor, showcases, and display windows
  • Interact with customers when needed

The Requirements

  • Have good and fresh creative minds with detailed attention to smallest elements
  • Have good skills in team leaderships
  • Able to bring in positive flair and encouraging atmosphere to the time
  • Have past experience in retail, management, sales, or other related fields
  • Have good ability in finance, especially in handling and managing money
  • Have good people skill with adaptable manner
  • Have a solid organizational ability and meticulous

Do you think you have what it takes to join the team? We welcome a fresh set pair of eyes and creative mindset. We encourage you to send your resume and CV to: The due date is March 20th 2017. Applicants have more than enough time to prep up their application before the due date. The vacancy is available up to the date or until we have found the perfect candidate. You can send a cover letter instead of a resume, but please include a recent photo in your CV.

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