Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Black and White Cafe may have started as a small establishment focusing on beverages, but as we grow bigger and wider, we have learned to transform that small establishment into a chain restaurant with award winning quality. The business started in 2010 and we proudly are about to open the seventh establishment in Atlanta.

We strive to be one of the best in this industry and we are always on a look for a reliable and dedicated Restaurant General Manager to join aboard. We are focusing on the local and fresh produces while maintaining environmentally friendly (and responsible) waste management practice. That’s why we are searching for the top talents in the service field to help us with the management of the restaurant. After all, our customers have high expectation of tasteful and satisfying dining experience as well as flawless and perfect service.

The main responsibility of the manager is to direct, plan, and execute the restaurant operations. The individual should maintain and check the high standard of health, service, food, and safety while making sure that the restaurant can reach profitable and efficient business performance. It should be done by utilizing the optimal abilities and capacities of the resources, including the staff. An expert manager should be able to deliver profits and revenues by managing, developing, creating, financing, and marketing the establishment. Managing and coordinating staffs while focusing on the quality service is also one of the main purposes of hiring a competent manager.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare, manage, and implement the standard operating procedures
  • Make assessment of staff requirements. It includes recruiting, training, and coaching staffs when needed
  • Set the overall operating objectives and goals
  • Manage and coordinate staff performance in relation to the established procedures and standards
  • Maintain administrative management, including employee records, staff schedules, hygiene standards, security procedures, and such thing alike
  • Create, plan, manage, and check the financial management of the restaurant
  • Interact and build good relationship with customers

The Basic Requirements

  • Have past experience in food and beverage industry, preferably in the management section. Other related fields are acceptable
  • Have an in-depth experience, knowledge, and familiarity with beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) as well as food presentation and preparation
  • Have an in-depth experience and familiarity in staff management, development, and coordination.
  • Have the knowledge and the ability to analyze financial data
  • Have the ability of basic accounting practices and principles
  • Have the ability to operate related or relevant applications or software
  • Have the ability to manage cost control, inventory, forecasting, and administrative procedures


  • We offer a promising salary that is generally higher than the standard.
  • Bonuses and benefits will be discussed further upon interview.

Anyone, who believes that they have what it takes to tackle all of the obstacles and the abilities to join the team, are encouraged to send their resume and cover letter. Please send them to: before the end of June. June 28th will be the latest so make sure that you pay attention to the details and you have sent the application before the date. Good luck.

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