Resource Manager Job Description

Resource Manager Job Description

Our company is seeking a professional and determined Resource Manager who will be responsible for managing our human resource department. The manager will take part in recruiting staff as well as administering the benefits and wages. The person will also be responsible for making sure that the staffs get proper and suitable training that fit their position and job descriptions. Basically, the manager will be the bridge between managers and staffs. Since this kind of work generally involves full time working hours in the office, the manager rarely has to work on weekends or holidays or even travel – unless under certain condition and depending on the company’s policies.

Since our company is a growing one, we focus on flawless customer service that will differentiate us from other businesses. Naturally, the workload of the Resource Manager depends on the type of business and how large it is. Because we strive on perfection and quality service, it is very crucial that all of the staffs are delivering satisfying and perfect service. That’s why it is also important that we only hire the best manager for this position.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage staffs through the process of hiring, recruiting, interviewing, and training them. It also includes managing, supervising, and also evaluating them – which applies for the permanent and also temporary staff members
  • Meet the staffing needs by relocating employees and also recruiting the new ones
  • Manage and be responsible for HR department. The task doesn’t only deal with the human as the major resources but also their administrative elements, such as collecting staff info, completing the compensation paperwork, responding to reports, and filing out reports
  • Manage and administer payroll and also staff benefits
  • Design, create, manage, and implement job perks and incentive programs to boost staff productivity that can affect company’s profits and success

Qualifications and Skills

  • Have a good communication skill that covers both the verbal and also written forms. Since the manager will be connector between the staff and the executives, it is crucial that the person has an adaptable flair
  • Have a pleasant personality that can inspire and affect others in positive way. It is crucial that the person is able to encourage, support, and inspire other team members
  • Have a good understanding of at least basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Office, to help make reports, deal with digital files, and fill out forms. A familiarity of other programs or software is an advantage
  • Have an impressive leadership skill that allows the manager to recruit, train, supervise, manage, and evaluate the staffs and their performance
  • Have the ability to perform multi-tasking activities. The job is quite busy with a lot of elements to cover.
  • Have a good problem-solving ability and also the flair to work under stressful condition
  • Have a past experience in Business, Management, or other supervisory or managerial positions
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Business Management, or other related positions

Anyone interested in the job and believes that they meet the requirements are welcomed to send their applications. The CV and a cover letter should be sent to: before the due date on April 4th.

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