Resident Manager Job Description

Resident Manager Job Description

STY Condominium is looking for a dedicated and professional Resident Manager that is responsible for the apartment’s running and operation. The new manager is responsible for increasing the life quality and service in the condo which also includes being attentive to residents security and safety, fostering the proper community, and helping with facility’s operation.

The person should be flexible with positive attitude exuding encouragement, support, and inspiration. The person will deal with different roles and tasks, and it is also important that the person is able to build positive relationship with the others. The manager should be able to deal with administrative responsibilities and others. Not only friendly, the manager should have other positive traits. The person should act as the bridge between the higher executives and clients, creating a positive effect and impact to others.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work together with property manager and coordinate actions to complete, verify, and complete all the paperwork. It includes managing the process and procedures for residents and making sure that everything complies to the timeframe
  • Manage the residents’ renewal files. It also includes retention programs and then coordinate it with the staff in order to inspect and check the leasing team programs and activities
  • Supervise the housing programs as well as providing training in all life cycle’s development
  • Monitor, observe, oversee, and check the lease and operation for the office. It includes providing the required training for all staff as well as evaluating the tracking app log and maintaining details accuracy
  • Create residents’ schedules and stick to them. It includes headcounts on the regular and periodic basis.
  • Prepare the needed reports and then inspect the staffs’ sleeping quarters
  • Administer and oversee the residents’ activities, including resolving issues. It includes taking part in the off-site meetings and providing training to the personnel
  • Oversee and monitor the residents’ movement within the assigned area. It includes orientation to the facility’s new residents
  • Make sure to monitor and check the security cameras as well as administering everyday activities. It includes making sure of the compliance to the regulations and rules
  • Prepare reports to the residents and also associate accidents.
  • Perform regular and continuous crisis intervention, as well as helping to provide transportation
  • Supervise, coordinate, and oversee all residents visit. It should include maintaining correspondence records

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in communication, management, or business. A Master degree is a plus
  • Have a past experience in the managerial or supervisory positions for at least 5 years
  • Have a good managerial and leadership skill
  • Have impressive communication skills both in verbal and written formats
  • Have the positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others


Salary and benefits will be discussed further during the interview. The benefits include parking sticker for free parking and free 10 meals per week plan.

Those interested in the position are encouraged to send their CV and cover letter to: before September 7th. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable. Write “Resident Manager’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Otherwise, the email will be ignored and discarded.

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