PR Manager Job Description

PR Manager Job Description

If you have a previous experience in public relation or if you like to engage to the media, this is your chance to join the team! As one of the leading company in the entertainment business and sector, we have a quite extensive networking relationship with the media and we are looking forward to hiring another professional to help us with the arrangement.

The main responsibility of the PR Manager is to create, design, and maintain a public image for the company by interacting with the media. The good relationship should be done by communicating accomplishments, programs, and also point of view of the company’s plans or projects. As a professional manager, the individual will be responsible for pitching stories or fielding questions from the media. The person should also prepare the media kits as well as organizing the press conference. That’s why the manager should have a good skill in writing and verbal communications. As a part of the job, the manager should be able to write the press releases, develop marketing and ads materials communications, write speeches for the company’s executives or leaders, and also prepare articles for the company’s newsletters. The main responsibility also covers the ability to handle crisis, manage emergency communications, and counter negative news or publicity.

The job description can be various. In our company, the PR manager is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the full time employees. But the individual is also responsible for managing and hiring freelance graphic designers, copywriters, and other related positions. The person will also manage the department budget (for PR) and report to the department head. If you are a professional PR looking forward to improving your career or you have a past experience in public relation and want to try the new challenges, then you are probably the one we are looking for!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage and coordinate enquiries from individuals, media, and also other organizations or companies
  • Create a plan for publicity campaigns and strategies , manage it, and execute it while making sure that it runs effectively
  • Plan, manage, develop, and implement PR strategies
  • Organize events which include exhibitions, press tours, press conferences, and open days
  • Distribute information of new marketing or promotional chances and also the current progress for the PR campaigns
  • Analyze the media coverage and the expected outcome
  • Doing a research, write, and distribute press release to the intended and targeted media
  • Make a public appearance or speak publicly at press conferences, presentations, and interviews
  • Manage the public relation element of the potential crisis condition or situation
  • Manage and also share content with social media users and sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Create, design, and manage handouts, promotional videos, brochures, photographs, leaflets, etc

Requirements and Skills

  • Have a good confidence and should be a good presenter too
  • Possess a solid and impressive planning and organizational skill
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Should be creative
  • Be willing to work long hours and often under stressful condition

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV and a cover letter to: The vacancy will be available for 3 weeks so send your application right away!

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