Job Description for Sales Manager

Job Description for Sales Manager

It is crucial that we describe our terms and understanding of job description for Sales Manager to the details so applicants won’t have a false expectation. It also helps with a more efficient screening process to make sure that only the best candidates will apply.

Our company is looking forward to looking for a professional and dedicated Sales Manager responsible for organizing and supervising the sales team. The individual will be responsible for managing, creating, and developing business plans while meeting the planned goals at the same time. The individual will work together with the marketing department to lead achievement and outcome. The manager has the job to oversee and monitor the sales activities, including the sales team performance by various ways: setting sales targets individually, tracking the sales goals, and also facilitating the staff training.

As a professional manager, it is only logical if the company expects the manager to improve revenue growth target and customer acquisition goal – with the expectation to keep the company stay innovative and competitive. A professional manager requires at least a bachelor degree in business. A good communication skill and good leadership ability is also required.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Build a long lasting and strong customer relationship as well as promoting and maintaining it. A professional manager knows how to create a beneficial partnership with them, which also includes developing understanding of their needs
  • Obtain sales targets and achieve growth by managing, planning, and executing the sales scheme and strategies – as well as leading the sales team
  • Recruit, coach, mentor, and monitor the sales representatives as well as setting the sales objectives
  • Design and plan strategic business methods, plans, and schemes. It also includes the overall implementation that can expand the customer base while making sure of its presence
  • Identify the already existing markets as well as the emerging ones, while observing the market shifts at the same time. A good manager should be aware of competition status and new products
  • Present the reports of expenses, revenue, and sales to the management team. It also includes the realistic forecasts

Job Requirements

  • Have a past experience as a Sales Manager or Sales Representative, or related field. It would be great if the candidate has a good working record that shows consistent outcome and target achievement
  • Bachelor degree in Sales or Business Administration, or related field. A Master degree will be highly advantageous
  • Have a proven skills or ability to execute sales from the start to the end
  • Have a good communication skill that can affect and influence people. Since the manager will interact with sales team as well as high executives, flexibility and positive attitude is crucial
  • Committed and dedicated to continuous learning and education, via conferences, seminars, and workshops

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume and CV to: before March the 31st 2015. Please include your recent photo in your CV. Write ‘Sales Manager position’ in the subject to make the screening process easier and faster. Those who don’t meet the requirements will automatically be discarded and not included in the candidate list.

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