Housekeeper Manager Job Description

Housekeeper Manager Job Description

 Our company is looking forward to hiring a dedicated and professional Housekeeper Manager to join our team. As a growing company in the hospitality and hotel industry, we are always expanding and growing. Since we are going to open two new establishment in Nevada and in Hawaii, we are thinking about adding two new managers for each establishment.

The manager’s main responsibility is to make sure that the hotel complies with the cleanliness and hygiene standards. The person will also be responsible for the housekeeping departments, including all of the staffs, to make sure that they understand their jobs and to oversee whether they are doing everything in the most satisfying manner. Basically, the manager will be responsible in overseeing and monitoring the housekeeping department activity and operation.

Since we value service and quality very much, we are hoping that the new candidates will possess the positive requirements and skills that would make them fit to the job. A passion to the work and positive radiance are quite important so all the candidates should posses such a thing.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Recruit, hire, train, coach, and mentor the housekeeping staff
  • Create, manage, coordinate, and develop the staffs’ schedules
  • Check and maintain the cleaning equipment and supplies. It includes making orders when needed
  • Work together and serve hotel guests in need of specific housekeeping requirements
  • Perform cleaning duties when the staff is absent or doesn’t show up
  • Coordinate the housekeeping needs (and requirements) with other departments
  • Oversee the staff performance, as well as making feedbacks
  • Make regular check and inspections to make sure that the cleaning staffs are doing well
  • Make reports of the staffs performance when needed
  • Work together and provide support for the General Manager
  • Make sure that the hotels are well cared and cleaned, maintaining the perfect hygiene and cleanliness standards

Skills and Requirements

  • Have a past experience in Operations Management or Supervisory Management for at least 4 years. A past experience in other managerial positions is still considered and welcomed
  • Have a pleasant personality with customer centric orientation. A friendly manner is liked and preferred
  • Have an impressive coordination and managerial ability that can distribute tasks to each staff
  • Create, manage, and maintain administrative records related to schedules, project sheets, timekeeping, and inventory controls
  • Have the passion to interact with other people, especially guests. If you like meeting new people and deliver satisfying service, we would like to hear more about you!
  • Check, observe, and monitor cleaning staff performance to make sure that they comply to the operating procedures and hotel policies
  • Provide a positive and professional image through dress and appearance at all time
  • Help the General Manager in annual surveys of wage scales to make sure that salary guidelines – as well as the benefits – are met

Interested applicants who believe in their capability are encouraged to send their applicants. Please send the CV, resume, and two recommendations letters to: before October 11th 2015. Be advised to include a recent photo in the CV and not in a separate file. Applications that don’t meet the standard forms would be immediately discarded.

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