Dental Office Manager Job Description

Dental Office Manager Job Description

We are going to open the third dental clinic in Florid and we need a reliable and trusted Dental Office Manager to help us with the running of the clinic. The manager will be responsible to manage and administrate the dental office running and operation on a daily basis. The main task also requires the person to undertake a huge burden and responsibility to make sure that the clinic will run efficiently and smoothly.

The individual will be responsible for the administrative management as well as the dental operation. It would be better if the person has a medical dental background or knowledge, enabling him/her to understand medical terms and meanings. It is also crucial that the person has a previous managerial position with tough but pleasant personality. The manager should be able to handle multi-tasking jobs and the ability to hold on during stressful condition.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Plan, design, manage, and oversee the dental office operations to make sure that the clinic runs smoothly and efficiently and the patients get the best support and service
  • Manage, oversee, and monitor the daily activities in the office while providing guidance and directions to the staffs
  • Make sure that patients’ service – which includes cancellations, appointments, and last-minute deals – are handled and managed properly
  • Help in budget creation and preparation, which also includes expense management planning
  • Come up, create, develop, and implement promotional programs that would attract more patients
  • Recruit, hire, train, and monitor new candidates within the assigned and proper jobs placement
  • Help in the process of employee performance (and ability) evaluation, termination, retention, and promotion activities
  • Respond to patients queries and demands and make sure that they get what they want. It includes to patients’ issues or complaints to make sure that patients are highly satisfied
  • Maintain safe, professional, organized, and clean treatment facility. It includes making sure that the standard operation goes along with the standard regulation
  • Oversee patients’ invoice or payment collections. It includes contacting the insurance office for the settlement
  • Make sure that the facility follows the regulations and policies, and making sure that proper enforcement is done
  • Identify and manage improvement areas, which also include proper implementation and concerns that are appropriate for corrective actions.
  • Create and manage staff schedules to make sure that the operation can run efficiently

Job’s Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have at least basic knowledge of administrative principles, accounting, and procedures
  • Have an excellent professional conduct with customer service orientation and objectives
  • Have a good knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with computer programs, such as MS Office program
  • Have a good communication skill in both written and verbal forms
  • Have a pleasant personality with flexible trait that enables the manager to interact with different people, including annoying patients
  • Able to work in a team, especially in leading and managing the members and other staffs
  • Have an in-depth familiarity with insurance processing, plans, and also claim processing

Interested applicants are welcomed and encouraged to apply. The resume and a CV should be sent to: before November 20th. A cover letter instead of a resume is acceptable.

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