Customer Service Manager Job Description

Customer Service Manager Job Description

Our company is focusing on perfect delivery of customer service because we believe that flawless service would be the key to any business’ success. That’s why we are looking for a motivated and experienced Customer Service Manager to help us improve our quality of service. We encourage those with the perfect qualification and ability to join our team.

The manager will be responsible for managing the details of our customer service sector as well as promoting the idea (and also concept) throughout the company. The idea is to run the company in the most effective manner without compromising performance and customers’ quality service. The manager will have to find a way to increase customers’ loyalty, satisfaction, and also retention while meeting their entire expectations at the same time.

As the representative of the company that often acts on their behalf, a professional manager should understand and have a deep respect for the company’s values. It is also important that they acts in an ethical conduct and professional manner because they will be the poster image and role of the company. The manager is responsible for overseeing the Customer Service staffs as well as communicating with customers – whether through direct or indirect interactions.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Improve quality on customer service, including facilitate organic development and create engaged interactions with customers
  • Develop a plan and make sure to observe the execution to improve the customer service performance, quality, and experience
  • Deal and face customers issues and come up with solutions to the problems or complaints
  • Plan a professional service policies, standards, and also procedures
  • Plan and manage a clear mission and come up with strategies that go along with the mission
  • Have records (and also documents) for customer service plans, actions, and discussions. It includes records of complaints and problems and the logical solutions to them
  • Maintain the workflow that should go along with the priorities and previous project’s plan
  • Be responsible to recruit, supervise, mentor, and monitor customer service staffs or agents, including nurturing a healthy and positive environment where empowerment and encouragement should be the main focus


  • Bachelor degree in Hospitality or Business Administration –or any related field. A Master degree would be a plus
  • Have a previous working experience as Assistant Manager, Retail Manager, or Customer Service Manager
  • Have a good knowledge, or past experience would be liked, of management techniques, methods, and tactics
  • Experience in planning, supervising, and delivering customer service support
  • Have good communication skills. Fluency in other foreign languages would be highly advantageous
  • Have the knowledge or past experience in customer service application, database, software, and tools
  • Have a positive attitude to encourage and support team members
  • Able to meet challenges and work under stressful condition

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply. If you believe in yourself, and you have what it takes to join the board, don’t hesitate to send your resume, CV, and two recommendation letters to: Write ‘Customer Service Manager position’ on the subject. This vacancy is available to March 25th 2016 or until we have found the perfect candidate. Be advised to send in the complete documents. Otherwise, your email will be discarded.

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