Construction Project Manager Job Description

Construction Project Manager Job Description

With our work load is expanding and more clients to manage, we are looking for professional, experienced, and determined Construction Project Manager to join our team. Our company is growing and we are focusing on quality and service. That’s why more and more people have entrusted us to handle their construction projects, and we believe that a new professional addition will be good for the team

The manager will be responsible to supervise and monitor various construction projects. We have different projects – residence, corporate, etc – and we need someone with the skills, abilities, and experiences to deal with them. The manager will plan everything (along with the execution and supervision) from the beginning to the end. Project organization, construction monitoring, and construction checking should be executed and then completed within an efficient and timely manner.

The perfect manager for construction should be familiar with most construction procedures and methodologies. He/She should be able to coordinate the professional team as well as monitoring their progress so the best outcome can be achieved. Thus, the manager should have a good analytical skill and perfect organizational ability. The professional should be able to make sure that the construction process will run efficiently as the deadline and requirements, and it should be done without exceeding the budgets.

Job Responsibilities

  • Be able to handle a lot of things: handle contracts, supervise the construction progress and process, monitor the expenses and financial budgets, make and organize schedules, order (and also manage) materials, and track the inventory
  • Be able to work together with different suppliers, architects, and engineers because it is a team effort.
  • Be able to determine the plan and also project’s specification based on the collaboration with other parties
  • Get the licenses and permits concerning the projects from the appropriate and related authorities
  • Negotiate contracts and agreements with external third party vendors to gain profitable outcome for everyone
  • Determine and plan the needed resources (materials, equipment, manpower, etc) from the beginning to the completion while paying a detailed attention to the budgets (and its limitation)
  • Obtain the material and equipment. It also includes stocks and supply monitoring to deal with inadequacies

Job Requirements

  • Have a past experience as Assistant Construction Manager or Construction Project Manager, or related field.
  • Have good knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel. Have good familiarity with PowerPoint for presentation is a bonus
  • Have a good grasp of understanding or familiarity of project management concept and principles. It includes in-depth knowledge of materials and construction methods (as well as procedures)
  • Bachelor degree in building science, engineering, or any relevant field
  • Have positive attitude, especially good leadership qualities and able to work within a team
  • Have good knowledge with project management programs or software. Past experience with such a software would be highly advantageous

Candidates who believe that they have what it takes to join our team are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume and CV to: before December 12th 2015. Please include two recommendation letters within your application. Be advised that those who don’t meet the requirements will be automatically crossed from our list.

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