Channel Manager Job Description

Channel Manager Job Description

Our company is seeking a professional and dedicated Channel Manager to join our team. This is a position that often falls in the middle management type. Depending on the type of the organizations, the manager often report to Channel Sales VP. This is the manager often hired to deal with organizational management – in the case of business to business relation.

The main responsibility of the Channel Manager is to serve, develop, and grow relationship with any related channel partners. This role covers sales strategies development, partner negotiation, and sales team development and training.

The individual has the main job for creating, maintaining, and sustaining new sales while keeping up the good working relationship with other partners that include other departments, clients, and resellers. The person should build a good relationship and communication with clients concerning the offered services and products. The manager should also expand and grow relationships with the already existing customers while showing the knowledge in the industry.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Train the sales team continuously on the company’s offerings. Channel Manager is a part of the management team so it is only logical if the main responsibility includes training the channel partners and also the staffs. It includes the knowledge and familiarity with the training process of the company and also the implementation.
  • Reach the sales monthly quota for the territory. For this matter, the responsibility is almost similar to the Sales Manager. The manager should reach the monthly goals through the perfect strategies to reach it
  • Check and monitor the operational and sales results with KPI base. It is crucial to maintain the sales health and also monitor the movement. That’s why the manager should also create reports and make reports for the higher executives and senior management
  • Manage and maintain relationships with partners. The manager is the important key contact point between the channel partners and employer. This kind of responsible requires good negotiating skill and impressive customer service.
  • Represent and be the company’s face for tradeshows. Tradeshows are pretty big as one of the business strategies to attract new customers. This task requires promotional material creation, setting up the company’s booth (as well as taking it down), and also pitching the offerings for prospects.

Requirements and Skills

  • Have a good communication skill, with active listening ability. It is crucial that they understand what needed from them and interpret the information to convey the right message
  • Have a good social skill with flexible and adaptable flair that enables them to interact with others
  • Have good creativity and innovation that allows them to help the company grow and succeed
  • They should have a good adaptation skill because the job can be stressful and fast, but it can also be quiet and peaceful
  • Have a past experience in the business, management, or sales, or other managerial position.
  • Bachelor degree in business, marketing, and advertising. A Master degree is an advantage

Those who are interested in the position can always send their resume and CV to: before October 17th 2017.

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