Call Center Manager Job Description

We are running in the service industry and our company is seeking for a professional and dedicated Call Center Manager to join the board. The main responsibility is to supervise, monitor, and observe the staff and also daily operations in order to improve cost effective operation and maximum efficiency. The manager will make sure that the proper technology is implemented to the highest level and all of the staffs are productive, friendly, and well organized.

A professional manager should be reliable, organized, and work with result-driven manner. The individual should have a positive attitude and also practical mind combined together to solve issues right on the spot. The person should also be able to make improvements and introduce new techniques as well as having the ability to see the entire ‘big picture’ of the entire management. Last but not the least, the professional individual should have flawless communication skill and nice customer service. Basically, the main purpose is to do everything needed to gain the main objective and great result that will affect the company in the future reference.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct efficient resource scheme and planning to maximize the resource’s productivity which covers technology, people, and so much more
  • Plan, create, and develop objectives to manage the call center’s activities on a daily basis
  • Be responsible for planning, budgeting, and also tracking expenses
  • Collect, gather, and analyze the call center statistics to improve efficiency and operation. It includes customer service metrics, costs, sales rates, etc.
  • Plan, monitor, observe, and improve telephone handling, ordering, or other relevant procedures and services
  • Recruit, hire, mentor, coach, and train the call center personnel to maintain and keep high standards for high-quality customer service – which leads to customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate and check performance in relation to key metrics, such as call waiting, accuracy, and such thing alike
  • Prepare, plan, and come up with reports for upper management or different departments

Specifications and Requirements

  • Have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of customer service metrics and performance evaluation
  • Have a high school diploma or an equivalent one. Any higher degree in any related discipline is highly advantageous
  • Have a past experience in managerial position or in customer service. Any similar position in call center situation or position is a plus
  • Have a solid knowledge and also experience in budgeting and reporting procedures
  • A previous experience in customer service setting is required
  • Have an excellent interpersonal and communication skill with friendly and positive flair
  • Have a familiarity and experience in basic and standard financial analysis, such as cost benefit, cost effectiveness, and such thing alike
  • Familiar and proficient in call center software or equipment. It also includes MS Office program
  • Qualified as a call center manager with a proven certification
  • Have a positive manner and attitude, especially patience and friendly manner

Candidates who meet all the requirements are encouraged to apply. The CV and a cover letter should be sent to: The due date is on September 15th 2017 or until the perfect candidate is found. We wish you the best of luck.

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