Business Operations Manager Job Description

Business Operations Manager Job Description

As a growing startup in the communication and service industry, we strive to be the best and to deliver only a perfection. That’s why we are opening a new position for a Business Operations Manager for our new manufacturing unit that is combined together with our new administrative office. The new manager is to help us maximize our company’s operating efficiency and capabilities while guaranteeing customer experience (and satisfaction) and also monitoring the marketing strategies at the same time.

As a professional expert, the manager will work together with management to plan business strategies, implement them, manage the overall operations, and make sure customer satisfaction. The individual will have a crucial role in employing the proper strategies to protect our goods and property while creating (and managing) the budgets together. The person will be responsible for managing financial procedures and policies and also generating the related reports.

In order to succeed in this area and expertise, the person has to come up with techniques or strategies to drive marketing needs and initiatives to maximize the profits. The idea is to optimize sales and also making sure of the company’s assets security. The idea manager should be driven, discipline, visionary, and resourceful.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create, plan, and manage marketing initiatives
  • Generate financial reports and the related data
  • Work together with other departments and relevant parties to plan business operation and also budgets
  • Make sure that money (and budgets) implementation goes along the plan. It includes manage and monitor the money handling system, bank process, and accounting
  • Create, plan, employ, and execute strategies to make sure that the company is running well and is achieving the intended growth
  • Create a plan or a scheme that can bring positive effect to better business management, operation, and practice
  • Create plans and implement them to deal with theft and stock losses
  • Employ means and effective methods to control coast
  • Maximize operating potential and ability to go beyond the company’s goal and customers’ expectation
  • Conduct performance checking and reviews and also motivate staff

Requirements and Specifications

  • Have a good vision for the future. Should be able to make projections or visions for the upcoming three years
  • Have good understanding, knowledge, and direct experience in ethical leadership management and abilities
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Business Administration, or a related field
  • Have a good financial ability, especially in managing budgeting. Should be able to manage and handle complex budgets
  • Have a past experience in finance, human resource management, or strategies and operations. Previously working in a managerial position is a plus
  • Have good people skill
  • Possess good and adaptable communication skills in both verbal and written form
  • Have positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure

Those who believe that they would be perfect for the position are welcomed to join. Send your resume and CV to: before April 21st 2017. A cover letter instead of a resume is acceptable. The vacancy is available up to the due date or until the perfect candidate has been found. Best of luck.

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