Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description

Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description

Our growing company is looking for a professional and discipline Assistant Marketing Manager that will work together with the lead Marketing Manager to ensure the smooth running of the company’s operation. The person will be responsible in taking care of administrative and also primary duties.

Basically, the assistant manager will also be responsible for developing marketing methods and strategies as well as helping in creating marketing campaigns. The person should  be able to work in a team, especially in the marketing department, to meet the goals. This is crucial for the long term success and growth of our company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work together with Marketing Manager or Director to reach the marketing’s objectives and goals of the company. It includes working under the supervision and direction of the lead manager
  • Analyze the polls, surveys, and other types of market research to understand current trends and patterns
  • Make researches of market demographics, trends, pricing tactics, and other info that can help higher executive to come up with new marketing plans or schemes
  • Make and deliver research reports and finding through verbal presentation or written documents
  • Create reports, graphs, and other data analysis by using computer program
  • Help design and create promotional materials, such as marketing copy, blogs, and such things alike
  • Help maintain social media (along with the account) for updated products, brands, and also services
  • Manage to maintain good client relationships through impressive customer service ability and skills
  • Able to create data spreadsheets which can help in compiling financial reports – which will be presented to directors and manager
  • Able to provide assistance in copy editing, fact checking, and formatting guidance during the creation of promotional materials, such as website contents, coupons, mailers, and much more
  • Create, plan, and organize marketing materials production
  • Maintain good relationship with the existing clients through visits or calls
  • Make sure to keep and save the client information confidential
  • Help plan promotional and marketing events
  • Undertake, manage, and oversee daily administrative works that will make sure that the departments’ activities will be coordinated and functional

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of marketing principles and office management
  • Have a past experience in senior position or marketing assistant. A previous experience in marketing industry is acceptable
  • Have a proven and solid track record of multi-tasking ability and meeting deadlines
  • Have a good organizational skill with customer oriented focus or approach
  • Have the experience or knowledge of database, market research, and marketing techniques
  • Familiar with basic computer skill, such as MS Office, as well as other online apps and marketing software
  • Have a good and excellent communication skill in both written and verbal form. A people skill will be an advantage
  • High school diploma. Bachelor degree in Business, Marketing, or other fields will be a huge plus
  • Have a pleasant personality that can inspire, motivate, and encourage others

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their application to: Please send the CV and a cover letter – a resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable. The due date is on March 20th at the latest.

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