3+ Wholesale Catalog template in PSD

Various Editable Wholesale Catalog Design Templates

A catalog can be defined as a list of items arranged and written systematically. There are many types of the catalog. They are categorized based on the business or products. If you have a wholesale product business, you will need a wholesale catalog to promote or advertise your products.

Wholesale Catalog Design templates

The Uses of a Wholesale Catalog

Before we talk more about PSD wholesale catalog, let’s talk about the uses of a catalog first. First, it gives you an idea about your wholesale business. Besides that, it provides info on specific products merged with similar items provided by your wholesale business.

Then, it also educates readers on the features of the items. It depends on the products you sell. Anyway, it is used to present your products in an amusing way. It also convinces the buyers of the needs. Even more, it benefits you with direct email orders. It directs customers to the site of your company, too.

How to Write a Wholesale Catalog

With our wholesale catalog PSD, you can create a catalog for your own wholesale business easily. First of all, you have to list down the products you sell. It lets readers do a quick scan of what they want to buy. Second of all, you need to write a description of each product.

Wholesale Catalog Design PSD

Then, you must use good-quality photographs. Images belong to the most crucial elements in your catalog as they help convince customers to buy your products. In addition, you have to make sure that your catalog is engaging, understandable, and comprehensible.

Next, you also need to know that organization is fundamental. In this case, you should organize elements in the PSD wholesale catalog template properly. Last but not least, you are required to include an order form. It is very vital because it eases your customers to choose and buy your products.

Creative Wholesale Catalog Design Ideas

A catalog can be created in different designs. There are many creative design ideas you can use for your own catalog. One of the design ideas is a tri-fold catalog. Besides that, many people also like creating a bi-fold catalog to advertise their products.

Wholesale Catalog Design Ideas

Of course, there are still many other creative wholesale catalog PSD designs you can find in this article such as vintage, modern, minimalist, simple, classic, unique, and many more. So, you have more options to choose from. Anyway, make sure that you use the appropriate design.

How to Create a Wholesale with PSD Templates

We all know that creating a catalog is a bit frustrating. Besides taking a lot of time, it also needs a big effort. In this case, our PSD templates will help you a lot. With our templates, you can create a catalog fast and effortlessly.

Our templates are free to download. So, you can pick your desired template now. Our templates are also easy to edit. So, you can tailor it to your needs using Adobe Photoshop. With our templates, you will be able to create a wholesale catalog that impresses many people so that they buy your products.

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