3+ Wedding Planner Envelope Templates Ideas

Wedding Planner Envelope

A few years ago, the wedding planner envelope consisted of only a piece of paper. These changes are based on the demands of the times and changes in the way marriage is organized, so that the contents in the envelope also increases in composition, and in additional cards. But these cards are not useless. They have advantages that can facilitate the bride and groom. So, what’s inside the wedding planners envelope or wedding invitation envelope, outside the core invitation?

Wedding Planner Envelope Design Ideas

The Files In The Wedding Planners Envelope

Here is a complete explanation about things that will be put into the wedding planner envelope.

  1. RSVP / Reply Card

RSVP invitation card is a card that must be fulfilled by guests. For simplicity, the RSVP card does not need to be sent physically back to the prospective bride who sent it, because the ticket also includes an email address so that guests can reply via email. The intended email address is usually for the Wedding Organizer, which helps the bride and groom. This way is to count or estimate the number of guests who will attend.

  1. Accommodation Card

The contents of the explanation of this card explain in which hotel guests will stay until sometimes this card is also called a hotel card. However, aside from explaining where to stay, this card also works when the tour is held before/after the wedding.

  1. Schedule Card

In order not to miss the event and to ensure guests can arrive on time, a schedule of events is usually inserted, which usually starts with a consent granted / blessing, lunch, reception, dinner to after the party.

  1. Lucky Card

To enliven the event and share happiness. Some brides give gifts to their guests, and some even provide a motorbike as a grand prize. The rest will provide vouchers or other electronic items drawn from the numbers listed on this lucky card. So for guests, be sure to bring a lucky card on the wedding day.

  1. Wish Card

Wish card is not part of the contents in the wedding planner envelope, but this card is distributed to guests before entering the venue to say or give hope to the bride and groom.

  1. Direction Card

The point is the same as a map that gives directions through which way to go to the location. So guests who go to the venue are not lost

  1. VIP / VVIP Card

The card is an entry card for selected guests who get more privileges than other guests.

  1. Souvenir Card

There are times when the gift is given a large size or weight that will be inconvenient for guests to carry along during the wedding. As anticipation and to relieve guests, souvenir cards are given to be exchanged after guests will go home.

  1. Photo Booth Card

Some brides provide a photo booth corner for guests who want to capture the togetherness on the day of the wedding in a photo. Usually, the photo booth vendors also limit the photo sheets that are printed out, then given a photo booth card that can be exchanged for printouts photo.

Wedding Planner Envelope Design PSD

Those are things that sometimes should be in the wedding planner envelop. Hopefully, all your wedding preparation runs smoothly.

Wedding Planner Envelope Design Template

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