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It is a daunting task to find an employee who can keep the work ethic and performance. This is why Hiring managers and HR professionals have a difficult task during screening to find a new employee who will fill a position in a company to hold some big responsibilities. Because admit it or not, sending a termination letter is more depressing because as an employer you should get prepared to stuck on a number of application letter and do screening again. However, if it is the last choice, termination letter will end both sides bad sides because you can allow your company to have a chance to grow than stay with an employee who has no loyalty anymore. At the same time, you give your employee a chance to meet another opportunity.

What Is A Termination Letter?

A termination letter will be issued when an employee stops showing the progress of the work which this damages your organization. This is usually given at the end of the meeting. Even though at first this strategy is uncomfortable, in the end, it will give relief to both the employer and also the employee.

In this case, there are some check-list you should issue before separation that your employee should surrender upon which includes the laptop, company mobile phone, ID Badges, and others.

Do We legally Need A Termination Letter?

In certain countries, the termination letter is not legally required. Some countries like California, New Jersey, Illinois, Arizona and also New Jersey require certain formats and templates. Somehow, even though your country doesn’t require you to send a letter to lay off someone position, this still gives you a credit for the company.

How To Write A Termination Letter?

It is recommended to write a termination letter to the point and brief. You have to specify the date when your employee will be off from the position and some descriptions of the infraction. You will also have to include certain details including the COBRA documentation and other information including the last payments if it is possible.

Which Kind of Employee Do  We need To Send The Letter?

There are some criteria who will get the letter, which includes:

  • An employee with poor performance – Employees are the most critical thing to run a company. They are assets that should give good performance to the growth of the organization. However, sometimes we find some employees don’t show good performance, instead they damage the environment and affect your company growth.
  • An employee who fails to adjust with the culture – It is critically important that your company should adjust to the culture because they will work as a team and related each other in many projects. If your employee cannot work together with others, this will result in a burden instead.
  • An employee who violates the rules – It is important to notice an employee who breaks the rules. If he/she does this, this means against your system that in the future will make a chaos around your workplace. So, let’s say we have to get rid of the toxic employee to let your business grow healthily.

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