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Easy-to-edit Sport Postcard Templates

A postcard can be defined as a rectangular card created from a thick paper. It is used to send a message without requiring an envelope. It is effective to tell someone far away. It is made depending on the purpose. One of them is a sport postcard. In this article, we will help and guide you to make this one.

PSD Sport Postcard templates

How to Make a Sport Postcard

Using our PSD sport postcard, it requires you to follow some steps to make your own postcard. First of all, you have to plan the right paper first. Make sure that you use a sturdy and thick paper. However, thick cardboard is also allowed. Second of all, you have to add a picture as it paints a thousand words.

After that, you will need to address your postcard properly. The address must be understandable and clear including the address, building number, street name, etc. Now, you should send your sentiments. Make sure that you keep it short. You may write about the day, date, event, or any relevant info detail.

Then, you have to ensure that there is no error in the sport postcard PSD. So, you may need to proofread it first before printing it out. The sport postcard must be free from error spelling and grammar. Last but not least, you can soon send it. You can send it via mail or give it directly.

Types of Sport Postcards

Before you make a postcard, you have to decide the type first. One of the types is an embossed postcard. Embossing gives it a stand-out texture. It stands out instantly from the rest of the mail. It increases the chance the recipient will read and act on it. Anyway, it is a good option for you.

Sport Postcard Design Ideas

Another best option is lithographic postcards. It shows a series of dots. It is made by separating the image into dark and light areas or various colors with screens. An extremely fine screen will produce a sharp image. Usually, this kind of postcard may have up to 10 colors to multiple passes from the press.

The Size of a Sport Postcard

You can find many PSD sport postcard templates in this article. However, you have to adjust the size to your needs. Generally, the standard size of a postcard is 148 x 105 mm. However, it can also be in A6 size or 5.8 x 4.1 inches. You can actually make a postcard with your own desired size.

Sport Postcard templates Sample

Sports Postcard Sample Templates

If you are searching sports postcard PSD sample templates, you are on the right site. In this article, you can find a sport annual event postcard template. Besides that, there is also a basketball match postcard. Then, the next sample is a soccer competition postcard template.

Our templates come in different designs such as retro, vintage, elegant, modern, etc. So, just feel free to pick your preferred template. If you want to edit it, just use Adobe Photoshop or any other editing tool. After you are sure that there is no mistake, you can print it out and send your sport postcard soon.

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