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Sign Up Sheet Template: the Kinds and the Design for the Need of This Document

Have you held some sort of event before? Or if you ever attend one, you must have seen sign up sheet template before. It is the sheet where people would sign up when attending event. It is mainly meant to keep track of the people participating in it. However, there are many kinds of this sheet.

One for party would have different design than the one for sports event. If you want to choose the template, you’ve got to decide first what kind you really need. Let us tell you some templates of different kind to take into account.

#1 Sign Up Sheet Template Design

Let’s start with the simplest one of all. Basic kind is not fancy looking, but you don’t always need such kind for all events. If there is no need for further information to be written by attendances on the sheet, you can just stick to this basic design with only few things to be included in the design.

You can have your own title in the heading. What follows is best to be made with table. For this design, you might need to prepare three columns. Those columns are usually categorized by date, name, and address of attendances.

#2 Sign Up Sheet Template Design

Attendances are not the only one attending events, you know. There are volunteers as well. They might come to help, but they are there on the scene. To keep track on them, you need volunteer sign up sheet for them to fill in. For this particular kind, you need to put more in this very design.

There will be more columns to add compared to the basic. Those columns would include job/activity, name, address, phone, e-mail, and notes. Other volunteer sign up templates might add other details such as, time in and time out too.

#3 Sign Up Sheet Template Design

How about one for Christmas party then? Of course, there is this kind and its design. Unlike the others, we don’t use table this time. You get the heading along with the date and time of the event. Following it, there could be business name, business representative, and business contact number.

The place below it will be divided into two; the employee and the guest. Here, one will have to fill in his/her full name. Sometimes, it can be accompanied with signature as well. It pretty covers how the design of the kind really looks like.

#4 Sign Up Sheet Template Design

There is also Thanksgiving meal sign up. We use table too here, but what we have to fill in the columns would be different than what we have been talking about so far. It is Thanksgiving we are talking about here. Of course, those columns will be everything related to meals. What to include?

Well, the table usually categorizes them based on meat (turkey and ham), veggie/sides/salads, dressing, cranberry sauce, desserts, and breads. This sign up sheet template will have the name of foods written down in the table rows.


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