Secretary Resume Objective


For the job seeker, it’s important to make the resume objective with objective statement inside. To make the awesome resume, you must understand the steps by steps to create it and what should be written or shouldn’t. Through reading this post, you will find the tips on how to write the objective statement.

Tips to write an objective statement for your secretary resume.

First of all, you must understand with several guidelines below.

  1.    Regard for the job requirements that employer needs. Then, adjusting with yourself, are you qualified for applying for the job?
  2.    Highlight your competency and tell the reason why you are the right person for this position. Don’t be over.
  3.    Write your education history, experiences and your motivation for applying for the job. Tell the employer what will you dedicate to make the company better.


The Examples of Objective Statement

The objective statement will show who you are, and how is your personality. Consider your statement, and the employer will give the response. The good objective statement will bring out the recruiter into a positive mindset, and it’s your lucky.

  1. Seeking a secretary position for Royale Department store bringing four years experiences in administrating the documents, making a schedule with the client, and good in attitude. It will utilize enough for this job.
  2. To obtain a secretary job position for YG Hotel Group with three years experiences and bringing the multitalented skills to manage the administration, quick in action, and able to deliver the detail information for the customer. It does not only work as a secretary but also as customer service.
  3. Looking for the secretary who capable in office management, hardworking, and fluent in telling the information to the client. The secretary isn’t only working with paper and computer, but also as the right hand of the leader. The main function of the secretary is a bridge between the Director and other parties.
  4. The good secretary presents good communication skills and the perfect administration. The secretary becomes an important position in the company. By bringing five years experiences working in this field, it’s a pleasure while I am implementing my skills in this company.
  5. The high motivation and ambition to be a secretary in Royale Manufacture Company. Coming with the six months experiences internship in Insurance Company and as a fresh graduate from Vocational High School specific in Office administration major. I’m able to operate the computer, focused on working and good in communication skills.
  6. To work as the professional secretary in the Heritage Hotel by bringing the experiences in working for three years latest, focus in working, quick to prepare the meeting, and excellent in delivering the argument. I’m ready to improve my abilities for this company.
  7. Looking for an executive secretary for BTS Corp, bringing the abilities in managing the document, scheduling the meeting or event, and good in public speaking. These skills are also framing with high responsibility in working. It’s time for me to increase and share my skill in the team.

Choose one and modify by yourself. Make a best secretary resume objective. The job seeker should start with positive thinking and creative action. Keep fighting to get your dream job!

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