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Scope of work is a form that covers an agreement of working between 2 parties. It usually relates to you as a client and the outside team you work with like a vendor, agency or contractor. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand about scope of work template.

How to Write a Scope of Work Template

If you want to make a scope of work form, you have to know the basics. Basically, there are 9 sections you must include. The first is introduction. Introduction may cover the kind of agreement, information of the work, or any other information related to the scope of work.

Section 2 is about project overview & objectives. You can start with the explanation of the work, the context around the project, or the objectives of the business. With simple and detailed explanation, it will be easy to understand.

The 3rd section is scope of work. The scope of work may include technical requirements such as the software and hardware that will be used. Scope of work is mostly provided in form of list because this is easier to understand.

Next, you should provide the list of task. Task management is very important in the part of the project especially if you work with outside team. Listing the explaining the task is the best way to convince everyone about the project.

The next section is project schedule. It does not only relate to the start & end dates. However, you can also explain how long the project takes, the milestones of the work, where the project takes place, and the required resources for both the contractor and you.

Section 6 is about project deliverables. Here, you need to list what you expect to get at the end of the work. Besides that, you may also list some other things such as the coded landing page, Google Analytics setup & tracking metrics, and also redesigned e-commerce page.

Adoption plan must also be included in the scope of project template. Many people forget to include this section. In fact, it is very important where it relates to the process how the deliverables is going to be put into place. It may also relate to the features brought.

Project Management is the next section to be included. In this section, you should outline any information that can make other party pleased. One of them is about the payment. Besides that, it also relates to reporting. Then, this should also include the terms required.

The last section is Success Criteria & Sign-off. It covers how you accept the project deliverables. It relates to who authorizes them & how deliverables is reviewed & signed off on. In this section, you also need to provide the guidance & criteria about what is acceptable project.

After all the sections are provided, the last thing to do is to sign it. Make sure that both you and the other team sign the form. Now, you can make your own scope of work template. It depends on the project of work you have.


Scope of Work

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