Best Example And Tips Resume Objective For High School Student

High School Student

Even you are still a student; you might need to make resume sometimes. So you should understand how to write the resume and Resume Objective For High School Student correctly. The purpose of this kind of resume not to obtaining fulltime job, but is to fulfilling college or the part-time job you will take. It also is the requirements for any scholarship both in school and college. The standard type of resume objective is showing the experience and degree of the job candidate. But for the high school student, the resume can be a little bit different because students don’t have any of them. If you keen to know the best example and guide for writing the resume, let’s read it here.

Example of High School Student Resume Objective

Due to the lack of experience in the job, students can be confusing to write their Resume Objective For High School Student. But you don’t need to be the worry anymore, because we have compiled some of the example of it below.

  1. A responsible high school student who loves coffee industry seeking for a part-time job as a barista to understand coffee and their preparations better.
  2. To obtain entry level of designer both for full time and part-time in a large advertising company to utilize my skills in design.
  3. Hardworking high school student with TestDaf certification seeking for a job as a part-time German teacher.
  4. Creative and hardworking high school student willing to obtain the scholarship for chemistry major in ABC university to studying about organic chemicals.
  5. A hardworking high school student is seeking a part-time librarian position in a library or book cafe.
  6. A student in natural science with an experience of study abroad and field internship in two semester-long willing funds to continue graduate education at XYZ University. I plan to follow the career as a scientist, studying the development of pathogenic bacteria.
  7. A student in Social at (name of your high school), awarded (your achievement) for two consecutive years, with an experience of study abroad and a semester-long research internship looking for funds to continue my education at ABC University. Planning to keep my research in Student Social Experiment, examining the impact of it between the students.

Tips For Writing High School Student Resume Objective

Have you read all the resume objective example above? If you have understood how is the resume objective for high school looks like, now you can write your own? We will guide you by the writing tips for resume below.

  1. Write your best achievement that you’ve got in high school
  2. Add the soft skills which tailored to the resume purpose
  3. Mention the organization you’ve joined in high school
  4. You can add some volunteer experience to it
  5. Put your related skills in your resume objective.

Okay, that is above is the example and tips of the Resume Objective For High School Student. Hope all of it will help you to pursue your dream scholarship and job. Don’t forget to be original, creative and smart so you can get the part-time work or scholarship that you want.

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