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Physical Form Templates for PDF and Words

Physical form is form of documentation that record the health condition of a person in a complete and detail way. The data mostly provides the physical information of the person. However, at any phase, it also mentions about the individual’s mental condition.

Anything that related to the person’s health condition will be recorded fully. The form will be created by doctor or legal physicians that have procedures to do the assessment form. The form will have prescribed document that will be examined and the other copy will be given to the examiner.

Sample Physical Form Parts

In the composition of arranging sample physical exam form, there are four parts that you need to know. Those are the physical history form. This form presents the history data that the individual has since the first medical check up to the latest one.

Then, there is supplementary history form. This form shows about the list of the supplementary or prescribes that the person has been consumed for long or on certain condition. It provides complete data about what medicines or vitamins that the person is allowed to consume and not.

The third part is the physical examination. This form shows the examination result that is achieved through process. On this form, there are certain questions that you may need to check. Then, the last one is the clearance form. This form states about the health condition of the participant.

Knowing More about Physical Forms

The common thing that you will find out in the physical exam template is the general detail information that needs to be filled out in the form. You will be required to fill out certain information to show you as participant.

Such information is complete name, date of birth, type of gender, phone number, pager, or cell phone number, full address including street name, city and state name, and zip code. You will also be asked about father’s and mother’s name in the list.

Then, you will need to fill out the alternative emergency contact if any. A good form always ensure for your health. Thus, there will be space that mention about allergies or medical alerts that you may have.

After fill out this information, usually there will be a lot of questions have been prepared in the list. The participant will only need to answer by checking the answer box of ‘Yes, No, and Don’t Know’. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

In some condition, the form that is used for school is also provided. Usually, this kind of form is made for athletes or sportsman. However, the information reveal in the form is the same. It will clearly tell about the medical history of the person along with physical examination that completed.

In the school form, there is one thing that points out. It is the immunizations. This part exists along with medical examination and physical examination that are related to the individuals. Just put it in mind that all of the data that are presented in the form needs to be real.

The data shouldn’t be modified for personal use or purpose. The data should be provided in a real and most honest way. The history of the medical record of the participant needs to be written in a complete way. That is how you can make excellent and clear physical form.



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