3+ Office Birthday Invitation Templates Sample

Fresh Ideas To Make A Office Birthday Invitation

Office birthday is a unique event that is only attended by internal or company employees with their families. For this reason, each guest must bring an office birthday invitation to enter. The beginning of the establishment of a company is the moment where the CEO begins to pioneer his business. Celebrating office birthday is its happiness because it can remember the days when a new company was established and developing, all the twists and turns and problems encountered, and became a motivation to continue to innovate to create and advance the company. This office birthday celebration is carried out by all employees from the board of directors to the lowest level.

Office Birthday Invitation Design Template

Type Of Office Birthday Invitation

Although the primary purpose of the office birthday is a birthday celebration, in determining the concept and making the office birthday invitation psddesign divided into several types. These activities include:

  1. Formal concept

If you want a company anniversary celebrating solemnly and entirely. This legal concept can be the right choice.

  1. Outdoor office birthday

In addition to celebrating birthdays, office birthdays can also be used as activities to refresh the mind. To overcome the indoor decoration stuck and monotonous, then you can choose the concept of outdoor parties. You can explore creative ideas with free themes, also adjust the place with the concept of the event. For example, on the beach, gardens, pine forests, or other locations that you want.

  1. Funny and semi-formal office birthday

Even though what celebrated is the company’s birthday, it is not wrong to pack the concept of activities lively. This unusual concept can be more close between superiors and subordinates to create a sense of kinship and tighter solidarity. Choose several types of games that are fun and can be done by many people. Use a funny and bright office birthday invitation template psd.

  1. E-mail invitation

In modern times, the development of information and technology has contributed to changing lifestyles in society. Activities, including sending letters, can be done by sending e-mails without having to incur a printing fee. To send invitations via e-mail, you can use a plain invitation design or with a specific concept.

Design Options for Office Birthday Invitation

There are lots of designs that you can choose according to the idea and theme of your office’s birthday. Some of the design choices include:

  1. Simple Design

Most office invitations use a simple design, with one or two color combinations. Some simple shapes or use frames. There are also many simple design choices to suit your taste.

  1. Animation

In addition to a simple design, some invitations use specific character or picture animations. Once again, the selection of this design depends on the concept of the event, whether formal or semi-formal.

  1. Office Stuff

The use of office kinds of stuff can also be an option for making invitation designs. This stuff shows the specific purpose of the event.

PSD Birthday Invitation Design Template

You can explore more office birthday invitation that matches the concept of the event, or create your own with a design application such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Office Birthday Invitation Design Ideas

Office Birthday Invitation Design Ideas

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