Land Contract Form Template

Land Contract Form Templates for PDF and Documents

Land contract form is a legal formal contract that is made between the seller and the buyer for certain valuable property, here is a piece of land that is commonly paid with installment. This form has this one general statement that basically lands as the base standard.

One of the agreement states that the seller will retain the ownership of the real estate property that lasted until the buyer can pay the payment fully. As there are a lot of forms that is used for different purpose, this form can be created according to what both of the parties have been agreed for.

Land Contract Form for Purchase

One of the common contracts that are generally found is the form used for purchasing land. The contract usually will be guided by the attorney. Thus, if you are going to apply for this contract, you will need to prepare the attorney to protect your agreement.

Aside from that, the form of the purchase contract needs to provide number of questions. This question needs to be filled out by both of the parties. On the first question, the form states about the date of the purchase. It includes the complete date along with the day as well.

Then, the next talks about the agreement of the seller(s) to sell the property and the respond of the buyers to buy the selected property. It also needs to be completed with further description details of the said property.

The next point that needs to be mentioned in the land purchase contract form is the purchase price. If you are going to create this kind of form, pay attention and remember to always put the purchase price note in the section.

The form needs to mention how much the buyer(s) needs to pay for the purchase deal. The amount of total sum needs to be written clearly. Put the options of payment under the note section as well. Make sure that there are enough payment options that are available for purchaser.

If the deal payment is set with cash down payment, then you need to mention about the details of the subjects. It includes the adjustment or operation that may happen in the future. The form presents the balance note as well.

It talks about the balance of the purchase price that needs to be filled out with number. If you have further details of the balance then you can put it under the section. Next, is the earnest money deposit.

It is important to mention about the details of purchase, the payment, and the sum total of the money. It is also important to put the detail of the deposit info in the form as complete as possible. Make sure that you put all of the information that related to the payment process below it.

After that, moving onto the next sections put the multiple listing service or MLS in the form. Stated about the selling broker that is known as the participant of the company, organization, or individual that related to the business project to apply for MLS.

This is also ensuring the buyers that the sales information will be provided through the MLS. From there, it will also be published to the participants. Just like in the blank land contract form example, the form needs to mention about the condition that the purchaser has examined the property.

As the last one, put in the point that all of the improvements that related to the purchase and deals are included. This is only a few example points that you can add in the form. There are still a lot of land contract forms that can help you to choose the suitable one for your business form.



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