3+ Gym Poster Templates Example

10 Examples Of Gym Poster Templates

When you do physical exercise at a fitness center or gym, you usually see a lot of posters attached to the walls, with the gym poster makes you more excited to do physical exercise. For those of you who want to open a business or want to make a place of physical fitness at home or other places, so that the place of physical training may be beautiful may require a gym poster. If you are still confused or do not have expertise in the field of graphic design. There are several providers of gym posters design templates on the internet that will make it easier for you to get gym poster ideas. So you don’t need to worry about making it because there are so many kinds.

PSD Template For GYM Poster

10 Examples Of Gym Poster Templates

There are several examples of gym poster templates that you can make as a reference for your gym, to make it more interesting. Following is an example of a gym poster template, namely:

  1. Black and white brick grunge fitness gym poster

For the gym poster template, this one has a dominant design in black, gray, and also green with the type of font that is glacial indifference and edo.

  1. Neon gym poster

For the gym template, this poster has a dominant color in a blue and purple while for the typeface using the open sans and open sans extra bold fonts.

  1. Black and blue fitness gym poster

This gym poster template uses black, blue, gray, and white, while for the fonts, use Neue and Montserrat classic free fonts.

  1. Blue and orange gym time promo poster

For the gym template, this poster uses white, red, blue, black and also gray with typeface using northwestern and lato fonts.

  1. Blue Yellow orange event training gym poster

This one gym poster template is dominantly blue, orange, white and black. As for the type of font using the font Cooper Hewitt and league spartan.

  1. Blue-yellow illustrated stopwatch gym poster

This gym poster template uses black, blue, yellow, and brown using the typeface fonts of the Hewitt cooper and also the Spartan league.

  1. Yellow chick gym barbel quote poster

For this gym poster template using black, red, gray, yellow, and also blue using the type of font that is custard fonts and racing sans one.

  1. Yellow and monochrome yoga gym poster

For this gym poster template, the colors are white, black, yellow, and gray, while for the type of font, use Exo and Oswald fonts.

  1. Gray and cyan text gym poster

This gym poster template is predominantly white, gray and green and uses typeface fonts that are quicksand and Montserrat classic.

  1. Greyscale photo fitness gym poster

For one of the gym poster templates, it uses a very simple color that only uses black, white, and gray, while for the type of font uses bold fonts and Antonio light.

GYM Poster Template Ideas

For you who are still confused about using the gym poster template, how can the above article help you as a reference for choosing the right type of template to be installed on the wall of your gym.

GYM Poster Template Design

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