3+ Graduation Postcard template ideas

How to Make a Graduation Postcard Properly

Graduation day must be celebrated. You can celebrate it with your friends, family, or anyone else. Holding a graduation party is a good idea. You should let people know and sending a graduation postcard will be effective to invite them. If you are interested in this plan, let’s realize it!

Graduation Postcard Template Ideas

How to Write a Graduation Postcard

Writing a graduation postcard may be confusing if you have never done it before. However, our graduation postcard PSD will make your task much easier. Anyway, you have to know what details of information to be included there. There are at least 3 factors you have to include.

This postcard is generally started with the celebrant’s personality & preferences. Make sure that the invitees know who celebrates the graduation party. Besides that, it should also be clear that you want them to come to your party. If there is any additional info, you must add it, too.

What you need to include into the PSD graduation postcard is the location the graduation party will take place. Make sure that you state the street address clearly. You can also add the map if needed. Another important info you cannot miss out is the time of the graduation party. It must be stated specifically.

Why Uses a Graduation Postcard?

Actually, you can consider other ways to invite your friends, colleagues, etc to your graduation party. However, using graduation postcards will save a lot of money compared to using graduation invitations. In fact, graduation postcards are much simpler.

Even though postcards are simpler, it does not mean that they are not interesting. You can personalize the graduation PSD postcards so that they will be warmer. The recipients will feel pleased to receive the postcard and excited to attend the graduation party based on the scheduled time and location.

Tips for Making a Graduation Postcard

To make your postcard attractive, there are some tips you will need to consider. Firstly, you have to match it with the party’s theme & its location. The design should be matched with the tone of the party. Secondly, you cannot forget to add the important details including location, time, date, etc.

Next, you also need to state clearly that you want the invitees to RSVP at a specified date if needed. This will make you know how many guests who will really come. After you are done with the graduation postcard PSD template, you have to send it as soon as possible & let the recipients to manage their time.

Graduation Postcard Template Design

Customizable Graduation Postcard Templates

This article contains a collection of free customizable templates you can use to make your own postcard. Some of them include graduation invitation postcard template, graduation party invitation postcard, graduation photo invitation postcard, college graduation invitation postcard, and many more.

PSD Template For Graduation Postcard

In relation to the theme, you can find funny graduation invitation postcard, rustic graduation invitation postcard, vintage graduation invitation postcard, etc. Just feel free to pick the template you love most and edit it based on the required information for your graduation postcard.


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