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Furniture Catalog for Store Promotion

Furniture can be defined as movable equipment serving as design & functional pieces for a certain space. If your store sells furniture, you should make people enjoy choosing their desired furniture. In this case, what you need is a furniture catalog. This article will discuss it further.

Sample Furniture Catalog templates

The Benefits of a Furniture Catalog

With our furniture catalog PSD templates, you can create a catalog on your own easier. Then, this kind of catalog will have many benefits. With an eye-catching catalog, you can create a good impression about your furniture business. This kind of catalog is also beneficial for the buyers.

They can decide what to purchase even when the buyers are not in the actual store or shop. So, they can look at the catalog anywhere. So, make sure that you include all the needed information & photos. One more, you have to keep the catalog updated.

Furniture Catalog Sample Templates

This article is designed for you who are looking for furniture catalog PSD sample templates. In this article, you can find an interior furniture catalog template. Besides that, there is also a furniture product catalog. For the next sample, there is a furniture sales catalog template.

Furniture Catalog templates Sample

Of course, there are still many other brochure sample templates you can find in this article. They are such as a furniture store catalog, home furniture catalog, furniture company catalogs, furniture store catalog, etc. So, you have to find and choose the most appropriate template for your furniture business.

What to Include in a Furniture Catalog

Our PSD furniture catalog eases you to create your own catalog for your furniture business. However, you still need to know what information details to be included. You can start with the name of your store, company, etc. Of course, it should be followed by its logo.

Furniture Catalog templates Ideas

After that, you will need to describe your furniture business first. Then, you can start listing the furniture you sell. In providing the list, make sure that you include the complete information. Do not forget to state the specs or features and price of each furniture.

To make it easy to read, you may need to divide the furniture into some categories. It is also important to give the reasons why people should choose and buy furniture from you. In the end part of the PSD furniture catalog template, do not forget to include your contact details.

Editable Furniture Catalog Templates

You are allowed to pick and use your preferred template available in this article. Our templates come with different creative designs. However, you can still edit the design as they are customizable. You can edit the color, text, or image using Adobe Photoshop or any other editing tool.

Before you print it out, make sure that there is no mistake found. So, you may need to evaluate it first. After printing the furniture catalog, you can directly distribute it to a wide public. With this kind of catalog, people can find and choose their desired furniture anywhere even from home.

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