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Facebook Banner Template and how to make it impressive to create

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in recent times. Most people have an account for this social media so that you need to create something unique in this social media. One of the best choices for you to make your Facebook impressive is creating a Facebook banner template to interest the people that visit your Facebook page.

Facebook Banner in psd design

Mostly, people will have a large splash image to take up almost a quarter of the screen like your Facebook cover photo. In this idea, you need to design the best Facebook banner template idea with a bold banner image that will introduce the brand to the potential Facebook followers. It will give you more advantages well.

How to make a Facebook banner template interesting 

Since you can design this template well, you will have some features in your Facebook cover photos like the image of the product or team, ads, and promotions. The simple graphic that will set the right mood also will make your template impressive. Therefore, you can apply Facebook cover photo size 851 x 315 pixels.

Facebook Banner template free psd

This idea is the minimum dimension for Facebook cover photos. Moreover, this idea will be your best size to choose especially when you are making a Facebook banner template design and you want to know exactly how it will look before you upload the photos. Therefore, you need to choose the proper size on your template.

How to use a Facebook banner template for your business 

You can create this template for your business so that you need to start the banner with a professionally designed. This idea will make it easier to make the Facebook cover photo. Gaining this purpose, you can customize the template for the brand. Therefore, you need to apply Adobe Photoshop to make your banner impressive.

Facebook Banner template for photoshop

With this idea, you can edit the text by double click the text that you want to edit. You can change any fonts and colors on this menu to make your Facebook banner template PSD impressive. To edit the color block or background, you can double click the color block to edit by changing the size or the usage of the menu on the left hand.

Upload the Facebook cover photos on your Facebook banner template

To make your banner template impressive, you can upload the Facebook cover photos. In this part, you can navigate to your Facebook business page and mouse over the cover photo space at the top. Besides, you also can click “Add a Cover” in the top left corner and click upload photo/ video to select the photo that you like to upload.

Facebook Banner customizable psd design template

Besides, you also can click Update Cover and Reposition to return into a preview of your photo. Moreover, In this section, you also can build up the library to make your Facebook banner template idea design impressive. If you want to replace the current cover photo with an older one, you can click the select photo on your Facebook account.

Use a simple image with a clear focal point on the banner

Last, you only need to use a simple image with a clear focal point on your Facebook banner template. This idea will help you to grab the attention and elicit the curiosity of people to take action on your page very well.

Facebook Banner psd template free


Facebook Banner Template Sample

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