Employee Self-Evaluation Sample

Employee Self-Evaluation and Things to Know Inside It

Evaluation is the nice and most effective ways in order to do correction about the personality. There are many kinds of the evaluation that you may do or find. One of the most common kinds of it is the employee self-evaluation. Well, as its name, this kind of evaluation occurs in the self of employee.

As the common evaluation, the self-evaluation of employee is important to do. The kind of evaluation here will be useful in order to increase the performance of employee in running their task inside the company. With the evaluation, of course they could do correction to be better one.

In other hand, the evaluation is also able for the employee to increase their spirit in order to reach their target. Well, since it is important matter, here we will talk about some details of employee self-evaluation that you need to know.

Kinds of Employee Self-Evaluation

In common, the evaluation of employee is provided by the employer using a piece of paper consists of some questions. The main purpose of this evaluation is to know the real condition of the employee and find the problem of employee that maybe could disturb their performance.

However, before talking more about the detail of employee self-evaluation, there are some kinds of it that you need to know. The kinds of the self-evaluation of employee to know in the shape of template are:

  • Questionnaire employee self-evaluation template
  • Essay employee self-evaluation template
  • Checklist employee self-evaluation template
  • Organizational chart employee self-evaluation template
  • Teacher employee self-evaluation template
  • Employee annual performance self-evaluation template
  • Employee self-evaluation goals template
  • And others

Well, based on the points as above, there are some kinds of the template of self-evaluation for employee to know. We may see that the templates of it are differentiated based on the shape of the evaluation and the detail theme of it.

Uses of the Employee Self-Evaluation

As we have said before, the self-evaluation for employee is important. It will be the media in order to increase the performance of employee. However, to make it clear, there are some uses of this matter that you need to know.

The uses of the self-evaluation of employee to know are:

  • The self-evaluation for employee is able to allow the employees highlighting their contributions towards their company
  • The self-evaluation will be useful because with it the employers is able to assess the value of their employee as well

Target Audience of Employee Self-Evaluation Template

There are some agents that could use this kind of template. Well, based on several sources, this kind of template is able to be used for:

  • Employees who are asked to write about the self-evaluation by their employees
  • Employers that want their employees to write about their self-evaluation
  • The supervisors or team leaders

Benefits of Employee Self-Evaluation

Well, to make a clear explanation about the self-evaluation of employee, we need to see the benefits of it. The benefits of the self-evaluation of employee are:

  • It is very helpful in order to assess the value of employee
  • It could be the effective tool to ask the employee writing things about their personality

Well, that is all about the employee self-evaluation that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the right sample of it.


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