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Cleaning Postcard for the Effective Promotion

For those who run a cleaning business, of course, doing promotion becomes a very essential thing to be done. The promotion can be an effort to get a new client and increase the profit of the business. Well, to make an interesting promotion, you can use a cleaning postcard as the strategy.

Cleaning Postcard Design PSD

Do you ever hear about a postcard? A postcard is a useful card to deliver some messages –including promotion sent by post without an envelope. On another hand, a postcard is also interesting and effective to promote a business, since it has an interesting image there.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the details of it. See the details of the postcard to help you make a special card for your promotion.

What is a Cleaning Postcard PSD?

As we have said before, a postcard is a card that is sent with some messages by post without an envelope. Then, a cleaning postcard is a sheet of paper to show the detailed services of cleaning. It is applied to promote the service and in common will be sent to some companies as the target.

Inside the cleaning postcard, these are some essential information included. The information is the profile of the company, the number to call, the detailed services, and others. Of course, a postcard is made differently from a common letter because it uses a thick paper.

Information Inside Cleaning Postcard Design PSD

As we have said before, a postcard consists of some information, especially when it is applied to promote a specific service. Well, to deliver the messages through the postcard, this is some information that you need to include there.

The information is:

  • The profile of the company

Since you will use the postcard for promotion, the profile of your company should be added there. Write simple writing about the profile, such as adding the logo of the company and the headline.

  • The services

The services also should be added inside the cleaning postcard. Make sure that you write it completely although only add a brief explanation. The completed service will be effective to build trust for the readers.

  • Call to action

Do not forget to write about the call to action. Here, you need to add the contact that the reader can call when they interest in the product or the service of your company.

Tips to Make Good Cleaning Postcard PSD

Finding the template can be the first matter to do when you want to make a good postcard here. The template can be a basic concept of the postcard and you do not make it from a blank document.

On another hand, choose the right size for the postcard and pay more attention to the design element. Yes, apply an interesting design idea, such as the combination of the color scheme, a graphic, and others.

Cleaning Postcard Design Template

Download Cleaning Postcard Templates PSD Files

On this page, we have several samples of the cleaning postcard. You can download the templates for free. On another hand, the templates are available with the PSD file, so it is quite easy to be edited.

Cleaning Postcard Design Ideas

# File File size Downloads
1 Cleaning Postcard Design PSD 3 MB 211
2 Cleaning Postcard Design Template 2 MB 196
3 Cleaning Postcard Design Ideas 4 MB 187
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