3+ Birthday Greeting Card template example

Creative Birthday Greeting Card Ideas

When someone has a birthday, you may usually give him/her a gift. However, you can try a different way to greet him/her. In this case, you can send him/her a birthday greeting card. You do not need to worry because we will guide you to make this kind of greeting card.

Happy Birthday Greeting Card templates Example

Why Send a Birthday Greeting Card?

With our PSD birthday greeting card templates, you can make your own easily. However, you have to know the reasons why you need to send this greeting card for a birthday. For your information, it can be used to tell him/her that you remember him/her, including his/her birthday.

Besides that, it can also be used to emphasize that he/she is important to you and your life. However, you may send this greeting card when you just want to congratulate him/her. This greeting card is also needed if you would like to tell that you miss him/her and would like to say something special.

How to Write a Birthday Greeting Card

Using our birthday greeting card PSD samples, you have to keep it simple. The texts depend on the recipient. If you want to send it to your friend, you can write “Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime”, for example. For a significant partner, you can write “I wish I was with you to celebrate your birthday”.

PSD templates For Happy Birthday Greeting Card

The next example is to write “You are my best mom. We are short of words to express our love for you”. This is a good idea to be sent when your mom has a birthday. It can also be used for a professional relationship. Here, you can write “Happy birthday. I wish you all the very best for your future”.

Tips for Creating a Birthday Greeting Card

As it is mentioned above, we have many birthday greeting card PSD designs. You can use them freely. However, you have to make it more creative. In this case, you may need to change the layout. If you have your own theme, you can use it to replace my greeting card design so that it meets your needs.

Happy Birthday Greeting Card templates Design

Besides that, you are also allowed to change the image. For example, you can use your beloved one’s photo to make it more personal. After choosing the texts, colors, and images, you have to present it in style. It means you have to choose the finish whether it is glossy or matte.

In this digital era, you can send a greeting card much easier. You can do it electronically. In this case, what you need is an e-birthday greeting card. You can send it via email, chat, message, etc. Anyway, we have many creative PSD birthday greeting card templates for your references.

How to Use Birthday Greeting Card Templates

If you want to make a birthday greeting card but you have no idea how to make it, you can use our PSD templates. Just feel free to pick your preferred template and edit it first before printing it out. You can send it in a printed form or send an e-greeting card via email, message, etc.

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