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Beauty Magazine Guidelines with Editable Templates

A magazine is a colorful compilation of layout, photos, and articles featuring aspects of life. Topics can be different from one to another. One of them is a beauty magazine. This kind of magazine is designed for women. If you want to create this kind of magazine, the guidelines and templates are available here.

Beauty Magazine Design templates

How to Design a Beauty Magazine

We have a collection of beauty magazine PSD templates in this article. However, you still need to make it more attractive. Here, you have to design this kind of magazine well. First of all, you should plan a unique concept. Second of all, you will have to write meaningful contents.

After that, you must feature the best photos. As we know, photos make your magazine more exciting and sellable. Last but not least, what you will have to do is to arrange everything and make sections. So, the magazine will be easier to read.

Components of a Beauty Magazine

To create this, you should include the following components in our beauty magazine PSD. Usually, it starts with a headline. This section represents the contents. After that, it should be followed by an introductory abstract. This part justifies the headline.

Beauty Magazine templates Example

The main component you should include is the main body text. In this section, you may write articles or anything else. A good magazine also usually comes with some sub-heads. These aim to notify readers about a paragraph before reading it.

For the next component, you should add bylines to the PSD beauty magazine. This component tells about the article’s author. In addition, you cannot forget to insert caption & graphics for every article. It is also a good idea to include some quotations to make the magazine enjoyable to read.

Tips for Creating a Beauty Magazine

If you want to create this kind of magazine, there are some tips you will need to follow. The most important thing is that you must follow the rules of hierarchy to emphasize certain contents. Besides that, you also need to think about the target audience while designing this kind of magazine.

Beauty Magazine Design PSD

Then, you cannot use different colors & fonts without making much meaning. In addition, the magazine should not be too cluttered & lack of white space. You also have to avoid inconsistency & low-resolution images. One more, we recommend you to use one of the PSD beauty magazine designs available here.

Types of a Beauty Magazine

A beauty magazine is divided into some types. One of them is a magazine cover page. His is the outer frame page of the magazine that attracts public attention on certain emphasized topics inside. You have to be creative in designing the cover page.

There is also what is called a wall magazine. It is a big space near the notice board or on the corridor walls. It tries to catch passerby’s attention fast. The contents usually change periodically. Anyway, if you want to create a beauty magazine, our editable magazine templates can help you a lot.


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