3+ Barbershop Postcards template sample

9+ Barbershop Postcards Editable Templates

If you are a barber or you have a barbershop, promoting your barbershop can be done in different ways. One of the most effective ways is by using a barbershop postcard. Even though it belongs to a traditional marketing, many businessmen still use this way because it is still considered effective enough.

PSD Template For Barbershop Postcard

How to Write a Barbershop Postcard

With our PSD barbershop postcard, you just need to edit it easily. However, you must know what to include in it. It usually starts with your barbershop’s name. Generally, it is accompanied with its logo. Under your barbershop’s name and logo is its tagline if any.

The next text will be better on another side. As a stylist, you have to write your name and make it clear that you are a stylist. For example, under your name, you can write your position as a hair stylist. If you are the owner, you can also state that you are the barbershop owner.

You have to let the readers easy to contact you or your barbershop. So, it is important to add contact details into the barbershop postcard PSD. For example, you can start with your barbershop’s address, followed by its telephone, website, social media, etc.

Tips in Creating a Barbershop Postcard

A postcard must be attractive so that it can impress the readers. To make your postcard attractive, you should consider the following tips. First, you have to keep it simple. In this case, simpler is better. Besides that, you also need to think choose the background color.

To beautify your postcard, you will also need to add a relevant image. For example, you can add the image of a cool haircut. If you do not have any idea, you can use our editable PSD barbershop postcard. We have many templates that come with different cool designs.

Barbershop Postcard Template Samples

This article is what you need for you who are looking for editable postcard templates. In this article, you can find a vintage barber business postcard template, a hairdresser business postcard template, a hair salon business postcard template, a hair stylist business postcard template, etc.

If you still need more creative barbershop postcard PSD templates, there are still many other options. They include a hair & fashion business postcard template, a beauty salon business designer postcard template, a barber business postcard template, a double-sided barber postcard template, & many more.

Barbershop Postcard Design PSD

How to Use Barbershop Postcard Templates

Marketing is very important for your barbershop success. So, you have to make a professional postcard that can attract people to use your barber services. If you have never made it before and you want to make it quickly, our customizable templates can be the solution.

Barbershop Postcard Template Example

Because there are many templates available, you have to pick one template with the template you love most. Editing text, adding image, and changing color are allowed as all templates are customizable. After you are done with editing, you can print and spread your barbershop postcard to potential clients.

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