Reasons Why You Should Have Baby Weight Chart At Home

If your concern about your baby’s health, then the first thing you should notice is your baby’s weight.Yes! This method has been used as one the method since the pregnancy. That’s why the doctor will always look at the fundus height which this also relates to the baby’s weight. Besides, after the birth, the baby’s weight can be used to analyze whether the baby is suffering from obesity or even malnutrition.

The important thing to underline the baby’s weight also relates to the ability to absorb the nutrients. After knowing the weight, later you can analyze what is the factor that causes it’s overweight or decrease. Therefore, to ease you analyze it, the use of baby weight chart can give you basic knowledge the normal size of the baby from month to month.

What Can I Look After Seeing The Baby Weight Chart?

Breastfeeding & Slow Weight Gain

At a very early age (after the birth before two weeks), the baby usually will lose weight until 10%, then it will gain slowly. In the next three months, usually the baby’s weight will gain up to 200 grams per week and it will still add up if the babies’ diet is good and Mom keeps the diet to have a high-quality breastmilk.

When Slow or Fast Gain Weight Is A Problem

Weight gain is a great sign of a health as well as the slow gain weight. If your baby gain weight too fast then we expected on the baby weight chart, the possibility could be on the breastmilk that related to the diet and also some diseases. This also affects the baby with slower gain weight. The possibility could be the quality of the breastmilk and also the baby’s digestion system. You should examine what makes the baby has a slower increase.

Should I Have the Baby Weight Chart At Home?

As we explained before, having the baby weight chart at home is important that the scale will reduce the anxiety. Sometimes, as a mother, you probably get panic easily which is not healthy for your mind that this might lead to low breastmilk quality.

What Can You Do When You Notice The Baby’s Growth Is Slow?

The first thing to do is taking the baby to the doctor to get an examination from measure, weight, height, and others.

Make sure to get the baby latched properly because this often becomes the main problem why babies have slower weight increase. Probably your baby’s teeth are breaking the gum so it is not convenient, or it might from you that you don’t produce more milk.

If you find the main issue is your breastmilk quality, then you should give any attention to your diet. Eating the dark green vegetables is believed can increase the breastmilk volume. Also, you have to avoid stress and check if you breastfeed the baby properly. Encourage him/her to milk at least 20 minutes.

In conclusion with the number of effects from the baby’s weight, a baby weight chart help a lot to give you some causes and possibilities why a baby’s weight occur.

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Baby Weight Gain Chart during Pregnancy
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