Affidavit of Support Letter and how to write best one

Knowing the affidavit of support letter is important. It is an essential document telling about the financial standing of the sponsor to support person or relative as the subject inside the letter. Usually, this letter is written for someone going abroad to study or stay in specific time.

In sponsoring someone, of course you need to make sure that you have ability to protect and to support them financially. Then, this letter will help you to tell the real condition of it and then make sure that you have ability to handle someone as your object.

Kinds of Affidavit of Support Letter

Since the affidavit of letter is important, knowing the ways to make it is important. Well, before knowing the ways to make the affidavit of letter, it will be better for you to know the kinds of affidavit of support letter. Yes, by knowing the kinds of it will help you to make the best of it.

Some kinds of the affidavit of letter that you need to know are:

  • Affidavit of support letter form employer

It is the first kind of the Affidavit of support letter that you need to know. This letter usually is used by the employer when they ask about a sponsor. By this matter, the letter is used as a proof and certification by the employer to show that they have full-time basis inside company.

  • Affidavit of support letter for visa

The Affidavit of support letter also could be used for visa needed. As we know, visa is important especially for those who want to go abroad, for example to go to United States. Of course, this letter is used as the proof that you have guaranty from those who want to pay your needs there.

  • Affidavit of support letter for relationship support

Another kind of this letter is for the relationship support. Of course, there are some kinds of relationship supported by this letter. By using this letter, you may get support about financial capacity, for example when you want to finish your studies.

Based on some points as above we may see that there are some kinds of the letter of affidavit. Seeing the points as above, we also know the uses of it and the differences of the format and contents of letter based on its purpose.

Tips to Create Affidavit of Support Letter

To write a perfect affidavit of support letter, of course you need to know some tips of it. By knowing the tips, of course you will be easier in writing any kind of information that you want to insert there.

The tips to write this letter are:

  • Find appropriate template

For the first, it will be better when you find the appropriate template of this letter. The template will help you inside the process of writing. There are many kinds of templates that you may find. Just connect your internet and look for it from the search engine.

  • Decide your need

I am sure that the main purpose of affidavit is to get the clear detail about financial capacity. However, since these are some kinds of this letter, you need to decide your need first. Make a good letter based on it.

  • Use formal language

The affidavit is kind of formal letter. By this type of the letter, of course you need to use formal language during arranging your sentences. Then, make sure that you are free from typo.

That is all about the affidavit of support letter that you need to know. Do some researches when you need to find its example.

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