46+ How Does Our Free Printable Grocery List Save Your Money?

Going to the grocery store will be the difficult task for you who always get teased by the other unnecessary stuff. In the end, you have excessive shopping budget. This is why you need the printable grocery list to help you focus on what you need the most. It saves your time and also saves … Read more

43+ Download Free Classroom Management Plan Templates

All teachers have an expectation of what should be accomplished in the class to every meeting. This is why many of them try to be the focus when teaching. Somehow, things go too far and out of topic when it is not well-planned. That’s why a classroom management plan is a great tool to set … Read more

46+ Free Download SOAP Note Template for Your Medical Note

What is A SOAP Note? A SOAP note is an acronym of Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan which represents a method of documenting a patient’s health record by the healthcare provider. This is an organized and structured way to file the patients’ data done by the doctors and nurses. The origin of this method was … Read more

Printable Check Register Template Sample

40+ Free Download Printable Check Register Template for Your Business Report A check register template is basically the cash disbursements journal to record your cash payments, checks and also the outlays. This comes with columns detailing on the check number, date, payee, credits, debits and account names and others that are related with the transaction. … Read more

38+ Free Download RFP Template – How To Write RFP Professionally

If you are working in a service industry or organization, then you may hear about the request for proposal. Many professional agencies will send this request to generate clients and income. In short, this is a bidding solicitation that a company is announcing the funding is available for certain projects. Besides, the company is also … Read more

12+ Printable Blood Sugar Chart To Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level

Suffering diabetes leads to stress that you should be mindful with your diet and the blood sugar level because affect your body. In this case, a person with diabetes should control their sugar level to make sure everything is going fine. It doesn’t always mean that the high blood sugar is bad, but also the … Read more

20+ Free Diamond Size Chart for Helping You Picking The Right Ones

Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding ring. A sparkling diamond shining on the finger which matches so beautiful with the white gown. Then, this girl is walking down on the Ashley waving hands and everybody is surprised to see the perfect ring. What a beautiful ring and all friends and guests are curious about … Read more

Employee Write Up Form Sample

48+ Employee Write Up Form – A Professional Way To Discipline Your Staff Somehow, there are several moments that bring stress to business owners, especially employees. They might not perform well on the work by breaking some rules and they cannot meet the responsibilities on the due date or even some employees also have mood … Read more

49+ Subcontractor Agreement and What You Should Include

There is a misconception about contractor agreement and the subcontractor agreement which people think this is the same. In fact, in terms of meaning, both of them are so different. So, before you issue the agreement, it is important to understand the difference between the two especially if your business needs their service to complete … Read more

45+ Personal Reference Letter – How To Make It Professionally

If you are asked to write a letter that recommends someone, so it is called the personal reference letter. Usually, a personal reference letter is required for a job application, scholarship or other things related to an organization. Later, this letter will influence a decision whether someone will be accepted or not. Therefore, writing this … Read more

56+ – How Does A Case Study Help Your Business?

If you are studying in the university, or simply you are working in the filed that requires a too much analyzing project, then the case study template will be one of your tools. Why should we do the case study? It simply helps you know the intricacies that this will affect your decision. It is … Read more

51+ Project Proposal Template – How To Make A Convincing Proposal

Sample Project Proposal Template

Whether you are already running your business or looking for financial assistance, the project proposal is the essential point that helps you or an investor in making a decision. This proposal should bring thoughtful planning with an accountable plan and details as well as the clear concept and its purpose. When a well-written proposal sent … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Have Baby Weight Chart At Home

Prenatal Baby Weight Gain Chart

If your concern about your baby’s health, then the first thing you should notice is your baby’s weight.Yes! This method has been used as one the method since the pregnancy. That’s why the doctor will always look at the fundus height which this also relates to the baby’s weight. Besides, after the birth, the baby’s … Read more

42+ Profit And Loss Statement Template for Professional Business Reports

Download Profit Loss Statement Template Sample

Profit and loss statement or the income statement is a financial report telling the financial activity including costs, revenues, and expenses in certain periods. Usually, the report will be done per year or fiscal quarter. This report is very important because we will know the company performance regarding with knowing the costs reducing, revenue and … Read more

12+ Free Download Best Printable Teeth Chart for Your Baby

baby teeth chart  003

We all know that the teeth growth vary which means as a parent we have to be careful and cautious. This growth varies from shape size and also location. In this case, its growth also gives form and shape to the face feature which sometimes it comes to be overbite when parents don’t pay attention … Read more

80+ Free Download Sign Up / Sign In Sheet Templates

Annual Time Survey Training Sign in Sheet

Sign up / sign-in sheet template is commonly used in any kind of activities, from the seminars, classes, and others. These sheets are used by the nonprofit or the for-profit organizations for any kind of purpose. However, there is a different meaning between sign up and sign in terms. The sign-up sheet is used to … Read more

Get Our Free Download Rubric Template for Effective Assessments

Editable Rubric

A rubric template is actually a tool for an assessment to report your expectation about an activity. Usually, the grading rubric is used to define the criteria you expect from something, for example, students. By this way, later you have a measurable parameter about how a good work looks like. Besides, later your students also … Read more

20+ Free Download Printable and Customizable Attendance Sheet

Safety Meeting Attendance Sheet Word Template Free Download 1

It is an important thing to have an attendance sheet with you whether you are a teacher or a teacher in a workshop. The needs to print the attendance sheet is due to keeping track of your audience data that probably in the future you might need it. Even, for a teacher, the attendance form … Read more

48+ How To To Have Stunning Gift with the Gift Tag Template

Vintage Poatcard Gift Tag Printable Template

A gift tag can do more for your special ones. This is just a piece of paper you tag on the gift with a meaningful message inside. The materials vary. It can be from wood, adhesive blocked paper, recycled paper or other you find interesting and match with the present. What To Do Before Writing … Read more

45+ Free Organizational Chart Template In All File Formats

Staff Organization Chart Sample

A healthy organization has a clear structure which functions as the structural flow that determines its growth. The division is clear on the organizational chart that tells the position of someone. This chart is represented by shapes, boxes or event it has details including contact information, pictures, links, and others. The making of this chart … Read more

55+ The Importance of A Notarized Letter and How To Get It

Notary Letter for Travel

In the era of many frauds and scammers, validating a document is the utmost step to do to protect your important assets and yourself when making certain agreement from the fraud. You will need a document with an authenticated signature which this includes yourself as the person authorized, a notary who witness you as well … Read more

30+ Free Download Book Report Template for Kids

Book Report Template

Reading can stimulate the brain to develop strong imagination and enlarge, especially kids, the vocabulary mastery and train it to a long time learning. The benefits don’t stop there which this also increase the concentration as well as the analytic skill. Therefore, at a very early age, reading becomes the critical point for kids and … Read more

42+ Free Download Seating Chart Template for Any Kind Of Event

Wedding Square Seating Charts Template

For an event organizer, especially wedding organizer, planning a seating chart is something crucial to creating a nice look with simple and easy ways to access. This is related to the latest dinner service which this should easy to access as well for the catering staff. And yes! This is an overwhelming task. Hence, you … Read more

Employee Evaluation Form Template

Child Care Employee Evaluation Form

50+ Free Download Employee Evaluation Form Template for Staff’s Performance Everybody knows that employees are the assets of the company which they will bring it somewhere, whether a growing organization or the opposite. Hence, picking an employee needs special concern whether in the expectation they will work with loyalty. Besides, the task will not only stop … Read more

38+ Free Download Letter of Transmittal Template for Your Cover Letter

Transmittal Letter for Proposal

What Is A Letter of Transmittal? A letter of transmittal or usually also called as the cover letter is a document that accompanies more significant document which provides the specific context. Usually, this document contains a brief description that will explain why a document is sent in the first paragraph as well as summarizes the … Read more

41+ Get The Latest Template For Medical Release Form Here

Student Medical Release Form Example 1

A medical release form is basically a document of a person’s health which is given to the healthcare professionals as a permission for them to give it to other parties for certain purposes. The medical record is very important that contains information about your health which includes: Medical history Your lifestyle (smoking, high-risk activity, drug … Read more

59+ Free Download Bookmark Template for All Book Lovers

Free Butterfly Monochrome Bookmark Template

  For book lovers, there is nothing more special than the bookmark among the pages. Yes, it is! The bookmark will keep your reading journey on track. Some of you probably use a piece of paper which this will fall down and you will miss the page you are reading. Instead, some of you use … Read more

51+ Free Download Birth Plan Templates for Your Labor Time

Twin Birth Plan Template

What Is A Birth Plan? Delivering a baby is absolutely the best thing for every woman. It is a life experience that everyone wishes for. So, it is no wonder if throughout the 9 months you are thinking about diapers, blankets, clothes, and others as well as the name for the little angel. However, before … Read more

41+ Free Download Class Roster Templates For Your Managing Your Class

SGP Class Roster Template

For a teacher or a lecturer, having a class roster is very important and very essential for many education elements including the students, teachers as well as the management of education of an organization. Now, you don’t need to make your own class roster because there are many templates you can download on our page. … Read more