Senior Project Manager Job Description

Senior Project Manager Job Description

Digital Gap Closure is a developing software company that has been expanding and growing for the last 4 years. The company is currently seeking for a Senior Project Manager to be responsible for our company’s internal projects – related to the monitoring and overseeing the analysis, implementation, conception, and management. The candidate should have a proven background in both IT and business sectors, and the person should have an extensive (and deep) understanding of the software and program development industry.

Our company is seeking an articulate, motivated, and responsible manager that can help identify obstacles and vulnerabilities, and then come up with creative solutions to the problems. The person will be responsible for monitoring the flow of work of other project managers. The other project managers should also communicate the project’s progress to the senior manager at the regular basis and intervals. As a professional expert, the individual will be rewarded well. The salary is above the standard rate, and it includes paid sick leave, time off, and other benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, create, develop, and deliver the right project management program (or project) that consists of the project’s details to other team members.
  • Set the logical, practical, and realistic goals for the program. It includes design, creating, and developing the appropriate tactics or strategies to achieve the goals
  • Identify the appropriate resources – whether it is external or internal – needed to complete the project successfully. The resources can cover human resources or financial
  • Provide and deliver guidance and coaching to other members concerning the project’s details. The idea is to make the members understand of the tasks and they can act accordingly (and efficiently)
  • Check and stay updated to the latest trend. A senior project manager should have an open mind as well as open ears and eyes for the latest terminologies, tools, and strategies applied to global project management. It allows logical adoption that can affect and increase productivity
  • Evaluate project’s progress, focusing on the regular base. This will help to overcome mistakes and reach targets.
  • Lead the team members to complete assigned projects to completion
  • Design and develop techniques and tools to help the project run more efficiently. It can be done by distributing tasks based on each member’s ability and skills

Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in business, computer, or other related fields. A Master degree is an advantage
  • Have an impressive organization skill that can bring about and coordinate other team members to achieve success
  • Have the ability to complete works and projects before the deadlines and within the planned budgets
  • Have a past experience in managerial or supervisory position for at least 3 years
  • Have a flawless communication ability, both in written and verbal language, with adaptable skill
  • Understand and familiar with solid time management skill that can ensure the success of the project
  • Have a positive attitude that can affect, inspire, support, and encourage others

Those who are interested in the job (as well as the challenges) are welcomed to send their CV and cover letter to: The due date is on November 18th 2017.

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