Sales and Marketing Manager Job Description

Sales and Marketing Manager Job Description

Our expanding company is looking forward to adding a new professional member to the team, so we are searching for a dedicated Sales and Marketing Manager with an exceptional track records and experience. We are looking forward to transforming the management practices, so the individual will be responsible for inspiring junior employees, setting up examples and motivating them, increasing overall productivity, and optimizing the market share of the company. The new manager will also have a great opportunity to develop new campaigns and innovative policies that can shape and affect our organization’s future.

That’s why the candidate should be charismatic, creative, knowledgeable, and exceptional. Past experience and current knowledge of marketing and sales techniques, method, and real practices are needed. Those with positive manner and attitudes are highly considerable.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Have the direct access to the newest market trends. It means that the candidate should stay up to date to the most current development
  • Oversee, monitor, and check the sales, as well as forecasting the market condition and the possible trend
  • Make continuous assessment to the company’s marketing techniques (and methods) and also their efficiency in sales.
  • Work together with the sales team, and possibly other departments, to assessment the current condition and situation
  • Have the ability to take the needed (and calculate) risks to increase brand recognition and profitability
  • Deepen and cultivate client partnership and relationship to increase value
  • Work and manage a certain trend that is also build the team. It includes the candidate’s role to provide inspiration and motivation
  • Set and level precedent for perfection and also excellence through good leadership and setting up examples

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Have a good persuasive ability, especially the buy-in procurement skill from the upper management
  • Have the past experience in management or any related field to the marketing and sales field. 3 years of experience is preferable
  • Have the ability to lead positive transformation that can empower and also inspire others
  • Bachelor degree in marketing, business, sales, or related fields. A Master degree will be highly advantageous
  • Have a good and positive track record to innovate success and implement change smoothly and efficiently
  • Have a good awareness of the most current and latest market shifts and changes, which includes future projection
  • Have good presentation and exceptional communication skills
  • Have a committed attitude and success driven manner without compromising integrity
  • Have good and extensive computer skills, which also includes web-based sales and marketing that also covers the social media
  • Any extra course or skill classes are highly considered
  • Have good attitude and personality that can bring in positive atmosphere to the work place


Salary, bonus, and benefits can be discussed further upon interview. A heads up, managers with good performance will enjoy great perks and bonuses.

Candidates believing in their skills and abilities should send their cover letter and resume before October 10th 2017. The applications should be sent to: before the latest. Be advised to write “Sales and Marketing Manager position’ on the subject. Otherwise, your email will be neglected and discarded.

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