Nurse Manager Job Description

Nurse Manager Job Description

We are seeking for a dedicated and determined Nurse Manager to help us with the operation of our new health facility. Goodwell Clinic was established in 2010 with the main goal of delivering the best service and providing easy access to the best healthcare. We consist of professional and experienced experts in the field, dedicated to provide a caring and friendly environment. If you want to work in a healthcare establishment where everyone will treat you like family, then you will be the right candidate for this position.

We are blessed to be able to strive and survive all these years. Our service keeps on growing and growing, and we are about to open our fourth clinic in the region of Los Angeles. This is one of the reasons why we need a professional Nurse manager that can oversee the overall medical application. The individual will be responsible for restoring and promoting patients’ health through improved and better management (on a daily basis) and also a long-term patient care planning. The person will also be responsible for developing, managing, and directing staffs. The person will have to work together with doctors and professional staffs from multidisciplinary subjects. At the same time, he/she will also have to provide both psychological and physical support for the patients’ families, the patients themselves, and friends.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain and check nursing guidelines by writing, setting up, and updating procedures and policies
  • Identify the service requirements by the patients through establishing personal rapport. It is conducted to patients and also other person to grasp the basic service requirements
  • Complete the requirements for proper patient care by making schedules and assigning staffs and nurses. It also includes following up on the work outcome and results
  • Make sure the care quality by interpreting and developing nursing and hospital philosophies and care standards. It includes enforcing the legal requirements to nursing state board. Measuring the health results against the standard is included in the job – and it also covers recommending and making adjustments
  • Maintain the proper nursing operations by coordinating, enforcing, and initiating operational, personnel, and program procedures and also policies
  • Provide information for both health care team and also the patients by addressing requests and answering questions
  • Creating and maintaining a compassionate and friendly environment by providing (and delivering) psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for friends, families, and the patients themselves
  • Manage the nursing staff through recruitment, selection, orientation, and training programs – it applies to the auxiliary staff and the nurses
  • Making sure that the nursing staffs are doing their job. This can be done by counseling, coaching, and disciplining the employees. It includes planning, overseeing, appraising, and monitoring the job results


  • Have an effective communication ability and adaptability
  • Have previous experience in the nursing management for at least 3 years
  • Have a current and still valid nursing license
  • Bachelor degree in nursing or any relevant subject
  • Able to supervise and manage a team of 30
  • Have the knowledge of nursing management

Interested candidates should send their resume and CV to: The vacancy is open for 2 weeks.

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