Housekeeping Manager Job Description

Housekeeping Manager Job Description

If you like working in the hospitality industry and you have the passion to coordinate a lot of people to work in an orderly fashion, we definitely want to meet you! We are an organization in the hotel and hospitality business, always growing and expanding to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. We strive to deliver only the best and most satisfying service and it reaches out to every detailed sector, including housekeeping. That’s why we are looking for a dedicated and passionate Housekeeping Manager that will be responsible for some of the tasks and join the main team.

The manager’s responsibility is to lead and manage our housekeeping team, consisting of professional room attendants and cleaning service, to work their best and deliver only a perfection. The manager’s responsibility is to make sure that excellent service is delivered and the guests are all happy about it. The individual will be responsible for creating effective working schedules, organizing shifts, training and also motivating the members, while making sure that every part of the establishment is cared for cleanliness and tidiness.

The promising candidates should be determined and skilled. The person should have a good knowledge and also understanding of team management and sanitation standard regulations. Coordination, leadership, and management abilities are also crucial. In the end, the manager will have to oversee the housekeeping operation on a daily basis and make sure that everything runs efficiently – resulting in satisfied and happy guests.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform daily checking and monitoring of cleanliness and tidiness on common areas (such as lounge or stairways) and also rooms
  • Oversee, manage, and monitor staff on day to day basis
  • Recruit, hire, mentor, train, and coach housekeepers on maintenance and cleaning tasks
  • Monitor and oversee the cleaning equipment and products supply. It includes making orders when needed. A detailed work that looks into the different types of products is probably needed too (the manager can determine whether one cleaning product can be switched for another because of its environmentally safe features, for instance)
  • Create, manage, and coordinate schedule shifts for the staff. It includes finding the replacements when one is absent
  • Train, educate, and establish staff on the importance of tidiness, cleanliness, and also hygiene standards, especially in hotel and hospitality industry
  • Respond to guests special requests or complaints

Skills and Requirements

  • Have a past experience in managerial position. Working previously as a Housekeeping Supervisor is an advantage
  • Able to use different kinds of industrial cleaning products and equipments
  • Have a direct experience with maintenance and cleaning task for big companies or corporate
  • Have an impressive team management and organizational skill
  • High school diploma
  • Have the physical stamina to deal with physical demands related to the job
  • Possess the flexibility to work different kinds of shifts which may include weekends and evenings

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV and resume to: before September 28th 2018. A cover letter instead of a resume is acceptable. Be advised to write ‘Housekeeping Manager’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Otherwise, the application will be discarded.

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