Events Manager Job Description

Events Manager Job Description

Our company is seeking for a professional, skilled, and creative Event Manager that will be responsible for the events that are entrusted to us for the management. As a growing company in this creative industry, it is crucial to have a creative and competent member to help with our workflow and our plan. The manager will organize, oversee, and monitor event according to our clients’ wishes and create a meaningful outcome that have significant effect to the target audience. The manager should make sure that all of the events would be cost effective and successful. A creative manager should have a good and detailed attention to time limit and budgets without compromising the quality and the performance of the event.

We are looking for a professional event manager who really knows what he/she is doing. The individual should understand promotion and marketing techniques. Enthusiastic individual with good organizational skills and fresh ideas are needed to join the board. We take all kinds of events seriously – big or small. That’s why we are looking for a professional candidate who takes everything seriously and not underestimate things.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Have a direct contact with the clients, including coordinate and manage the planned events. The manager is also responsible to sign the contracts with clients
  • Plan everything from the beginning to the end – following the clients’ requirements. This includes determining the objectives of the events as well as the target audience
  • Prepare the budgets and make sure that everything follows it
  • Have ideas about the events’ suggestions and creative elements to increase its chance of success
  • Deal with suppliers and also vendors, including negotiating with them
  • Be responsible for hiring each personnel, such as waiters, DJs, event main stars, etc. The manager will also be responsible for supervising the staffs, such as caterers, event coordinators, etc
  • Plan and develop promotional activities that can increase the event’s popularity and success
  • Coordinate, manage, and oversee all operations
  • Approve and check all the elements before the day of the event starts
  • Be prepared for any possible problems that may arise. This includes having a backup plan and also come up with resolutions when the issues are coming to the surface
  • Make sure that the event goes as planned and everything runs smoothly
  • Analyze the event – its success and not-so-successful outcome.
  • Be ready for making the reports and do it

Job Requirements

  • Have a good skill in managing, planning, and coordinating everything considering that the details of an event can be quite complicated and complex
  • Have creative ability to think outside the box
  • Have good communication skills, including the ability to listen carefully and interpret what the client wants through the event’s concept
  • Able to plan the budgets and make sure that everything doesn’t exceed it
  • Have past experience as an Event Manager or related field.
  • Bachelor degree in Public Relations or Hospitality Management

Interested candidates believing in their qualifications and abilities to meet the requirements can send their resume, CV, and a photo to: before August 16th 2017. The photo should be included in the CV and not in a separate file or folder.

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