Compliance Manager Job Description

If you are an experienced Compliance Manager who has extensive years of experience in the legal field, we’d love to hear more about you. Our company is seeking for a determined and professional Compliance Manager to manage and deal with legal matters. As a growing company, we want to make sure that our manufacturing procedures and overall company’s process comply with the in-house policies and legal standards. After all, we don’t want to get involved in any legal issues or whatsoever.

As a professional legal expert, the manager should take care of the legal standards in all business levels. It is crucial that enforcing regulations within all aspects is managed and regulated by the person who has an in-depth knowledge and experience. It is also crucial that the manager provides guidance on the compliance problems.

A great and experienced Compliance Manager should have an extensive knowledge of the best practices of corporate governance as well as the legal guidance. They should have high ethical level and standard, delivering flawless outcome to complete their responsibilities and duties without neglecting the business objectives. The professional expert should be result-oriented and have ethical professionalism to maintain the company’s principle and integrity. After all, we want to make sure that we stay within ethical and lawful course.

The General Responsibilities

  • Plan, develop, and monitor control systems in relation to legal guidelines and company’s internal policies. The control system is meant to deal with or to prevent any violation that may happen to these matters
  • Evaluate and calculate the control’s efficiency while trying to continuously improve them
  • Able to create revision on procedures or reports or such thing alike. It should be done periodically to identify or reveal non-conformity risks or hidden issues
  • Work together with HR departments and corporate counsels to oversee and monitor the regulations and standards of the enforcement
  • Plan, draft, create, and implement policies for the company
  • Make assessment over the future ventures of the business to identify or predict any compliance risk possibility
  • Make sure that the regulatory developments stay within or go outside the company. It includes evolving the best methods or practices within the compliance control
  • Review colleagues’ work, if necessary or when needed, to identify the possibility of compliance issues while providing training or advice at the same time
  • Prepare and manage reports for high executives or senior management, as well as the regulatory bodies

Basic (and Special) Requirements

  • Have the passion for dedication, business acumen, passion to legal matter, and professional conduct
  • Have a past experience as a Compliance Manager for at least 3 years
  • Have an excellent familiarity to record keeping and reporting procedures
  • Have an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the regulations and standards of the business and the industry
  • Bachelor degree in Finance, Law, Business Administration. Any related field is acceptable. Master degree will be highly advantageous

We encourage potential candidates to send their applications to: before July 16th 2017. Please send only the resume within the same folder. The position is still available until the given date or until we have found the perfect candidate.

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