Clinical Manager Job Description

Clinical Manager Job Description

Natural Wellness Health is a growing company focusing on the health and fitness industry. Besides manufacturing our own products, we are opening a new establishment in Canada. Our company is expanding and growing, and we are happy to open the 10th establishment in the last 4 years. For this matter, we are hiring a new Clinical Manager that will be responsible for the running and operation of the establishment.

The main responsibility is to manage the administrative and also medical aspects of the clinic. The individual will be acting as the administrator as well as the clinican at the same time, handling the management tasks within both areas altogether. A professional manager should have a good managerial and multi-tasking skill enabling him/her to juggle between tasks effortlessly and within an easier manner.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage staff recruitment, hire, development, mentoring, and training
  • Identify each member’s ability and capacity in handling the tasks and responsibilities
  • Manage and coordinate the staff in administrative, clinical, and clerical areas based on their expertise and skills
  • Create, develop, manage, and implement procedures, working standards, and policies for the efficient running of the clinic
  • Create, make schedules, supervise, and oversee daily operation and activities within the facility
  • Create, design, and monitor the budgets – it includes enforcing the real implementation that go along with the planned budgets
  • Communicate with staffs, which include setting up meeting and providing feedbacks
  • Make sure that the overall medical running and operation within the facility is running efficiently and smoothly
  • Provide good and flawless medical support and also impressive customer service that will improve the patients’ health as well as satisfying the patients
  • Help with patients clinical assessment when needed
  • Educate and provide information to patients (and their families) about the treatment options and the best suggestion for each treatment
  • Work together with insurance companies. It includes managing the health contracts for patients who need them

Requirements and Skills

  • Have a good decision making quality that may determine important decisions
  • Have an impressive leadership skill, which includes managerial and coordination ability
  • Have a good logical and analytical mind
  • Have a good assessment skill that is able to determine the right quality for the right position
  • Have a good understanding and knowledge of at least basic financial and management skill. A direct experience will be an advantage
  • The ability to write and create budgets is crucial
  • Have a good understanding of medical terminology and understanding
  • Have an impressive persuasion and negotiation skills, especially when dealing with difficult people and not-so-cooperative patients
  • Bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration and Medical field. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have a registered nurse certificate or credential
  • Have a past experience in management or hospitality field
  • Have a positive attitude and friendly manner allowing the person to work in a stressful condition

Those who are interested in the position and believe that they meet the requirements should send their resume, CV, and three recommendation letters to: The due date is on March 20th 2017. A cover letter instead of a resume is acceptable.

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