Clinic Manager Job Description

Clinic Manager Job Description

A passionate and professional Clinic Manager is needed in our company, especially since we are going to open a new clinic in New Hampshire area. The new manager is responsible that the outpatient facility and the clinic is running smoothly. Since it is going to combine medical and also administrative duties, the manager should have a flexible flair to deal with different situations. Managing clinic workers and staffs while monitoring the daily operation management are part of the work. The main task is to manage the healthcare facilities (no matter how big it is) and make sure that the overall operation is efficient and successful.

Being a Clinic Manager means to be a leader and the person should be responsible in managing the facility. It takes a pretty good managerial and coordination skills to manage everything and make sure that it runs perfectly well. The manager is responsible for a lot of work, including recruiting staffs, training and mentoring them, creating budgets, and making sure that the operation goes along with the budgets. The position is pretty crucial because it determines the operation and running of the facility

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage staffing matter. The main task is to access the condition of the facility and decide whether it requires a new staff or not. This includes interviewing applicants, hiring a new employee, training and coaching them to meet the requirements of the clinic.
  • Deal with budgeting. The manager is basically an administrator, including the budgets (short and also long term) ones for the facility. The person should make sure that the operation follows the planned budgets without compromising the quality of service
  • Deal and coordinate staff management. Besides hiring and mentoring new staffs, the manager should also make sure that the existing staffs are well taken care of. Staff management covers staff performance, mediate the arising issues, and also manage the organizational reviews.
  • Develop systems and plans. The manager should come up with developing plans for the growth of the clinic. It covers the area of staff organization and also system implementation to boost and increase workplace productivity and reach out objectives.

Requirements and Skills

  • Have impressive multi-tasking ability that can put forward priority. The ability to balance workload is also crucial
  • Have a good strong decision skill that can determine the quality of service
  • Have analytical and logical minds with disciplinary quality
  • Have a good and solid customer service ability and skill with friendly and positive manner
  • Have the past supervisory and managerial experience and understanding. Medical office experience will be a plus
  • Have a solid written and also spoken communication skill
  • Have an in-depth understanding, an experience will be better, with medical management and informatics

Interested candidates who believe that they meet the requirements and qualifications are encouraged to send their CV and resume to: The due date is September 20th 2017 or until the perfect candidate is found. Please include two recommendation letters, along the resume and the CV. A recent photo in the CV should be included. Please follow the directions. Otherwise, your email will be discarded.

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