Catering Manager Job Description

We are hiring a new Catering Manager that will be responsible for leading our team in the kitchen while waiting staff, making sure that they deliver flawless and satisfying customer service. Momma’s Dishes is a growing establishment in the culinary industry, focusing on delivering tasty and high quality foods by using natural ingredients. We have our own restaurant as well as catering services for residences and businesses. Naturally, we understand that tasty dishes alone won’t be enough – that’s why we are combining flawless service and premium taste to deliver the best and finest dining experience.

The manager will be responsible for planning the menus (both foods and beverage), making schedules for the shifts, and coordinating serving and also food preparation. In order to succeed in this task, the individual should have good organizational skills and have previous experience in the hospitality or catering. Basically, the person should make sure that the catering facilities can be managed and run well while increasing the numbers of clients at the same time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan menus for the food and beverage based on the clients’ preference and, if any, special requests.
  • Schedules the shifts for the staffs
  • Collect, manage, and coordinate the clients requirements for events, such as the dates or the numbers of guests
  • Manage, oversee, and monitor food preparation and also customer service
  • Determine and check requirements in set portions as well as ingredients
  • Make reports on the financial sector which includes the record of expenses and also the income
  • Recruit, train, mentor, and manage kitchen personnel and wait staffs. It includes distributing tasks based on their responsibilities
  • Manage and check stock and supplies. It includes placing orders when needed
  • Manage and arrange special events, such as food tastings, with potential customers or future clients
  • Make sure that the establishment goes along with the safety and health regulations

Skills and Requirements

  • Have the ability to create menus from the very beginning or from a scratch. A previous experience would be a plus
  • Have a past experience as a Restaurant Manager, Catering Manager, or hospitality managerial position
  • Have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of food hygiene and preparation
  • Have a solid time management and organizational skill
  • Have a pleasant personality with positive persona that can inspire and affect others
  • Have a good customer service
  • Have a certificate in culinary management or hospitality
  • Being able to work in a flexible arrangement, especially during holidays and weekends
  • Have the ability to remain calm and positive under pressure or stressful condition


Salary, bonus, and benefits will be discussed further upon interview. Bonus will be based on performance especially when the numbers of clients are increasing

Those who are interested in the vacancy and believe they have what it takes for the job are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume and CV to: before August 7th 2017. Be advised to write ‘Catering Manager position’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Otherwise, your email will be ignored and immediately discarded to spam folder.

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